A shoutout to Hong Kong Mompreneurs

Mother’s Day just passed, and today we’re giving a shoutout to some supermoms in Hong Kong.

A shoutout to Hong Kong Mompreneurs
Source: Pexels/Pixabay

Mother’s Day just passed, and today we’re giving a shoutout to some supermoms in Hong Kong. From inventing essential and innovative products to fundraising initiatives that empower other women entrepreneurs, these women continue to achieve milestones and inspire many in the industry. On top of that, they do it all while juggling their role as a mom. Read on to meet five Hong Kong mompreneurs that have had remarkable journeys to their success. 

Sarah Vee

Growing up as an ethnic minority in Hong Kong, Sarah Vee was inspired to make a profound impact on the women of this city through her visionary initiative – Women of Hong Kong (WOHK), which she founded in 2021. Drawing upon her experience as a nightlife event promoter and her role as a mother, she tapped into her diverse skill set and knowledge to uplift and empower women in the city by addressing the struggles they face. Through initiatives such as social impact pages, women's business directories and video classes for younger women, the organization aims to connect and empower a diverse group, including entrepreneurs, corporate employees, students and moms.

One of the standout successes of WOHK has been its Business Blitzes, which exemplify conscious community-building. These events provide a platform for women to showcase their businesses, network and support one another. Since its establishment, WOHK has grown to a membership of over 7,000 women and extended its influence beyond Hong Kong to women across Asia.

Claire Yates 

Claire Yates, a mother of two, has embarked on a journey that spanned from eco-friendly totes and water bottles to digital and customizable greeting cards. She has successfully established two thriving companies, The Lion Rock Press and Roksaan, which have become synonymous with her commitment to sustainability and creative expression. At the core of Yates' entrepreneurial endeavors lies a deep-rooted passion for the environment. She aims to raise awareness about the effects of single-use plastics and strives to reduce Hong Kong’s landfills. Yates is also a co-founder of EcoDrive, an organization dedicated to reducing single-use plastics in Hong Kong.

Flora Ma

Meet Flora Ma, an inspiring mompreneur who is revolutionizing the beverage industry in Hong Kong as the co-founder of Only Beverages. Recognizing the growing demand for healthier alcoholic options, she embarked on a mission to create Hong Kong's first zero-sugar, zero-carb and gluten-free vodka soda in a can. Inspired by the popularity of these health-conscious drinks in Vancouver's social scene, she questioned why Hong Kong lacked innovative and better-for-you beverage choices. Motivated by this, Ma, together with her husband, Jonathan Der, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, leaving their jobs behind to pursue their shared vision. Only Beverages was launched in 2020, with their first product, Only Vodka Soda. Each can contains 4.5% alcohol by volume and only 80 calories, and it comes in flavors like Tahitian Lime, Yuzu Ginger and Guava Hibiscus.

Nicole Denholder

Nicole Denholder is the founder and CEO of Next Chapter Raise. Originally from Australia, Denholder lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children and is driven by a deep passion for promoting female entrepreneurship and challenging the existing funding system. Through Next Chapter Raise, she has created a crowdfunding platform specifically designed for female entrepreneurs across Asia who are hoping to fund their business dreams. This platform operates on a rewards-based model and has garnered a growing community that embraces the "by women for women" ethos. With her company, she is paving the way for a future where women can confidently and successfully pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Denholder also co-founded Sophia, a financial literacy platform aimed at empowering women with the knowledge to manage their finances effectively.​

Neelam Daswani

With a diverse background as a Japan-born Indian residing in Hong Kong, Neelam Daswani is not only the mastermind behind boutique PR agency Purebuzz but also a certified health coach with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve their health goals. For over 15 years, Neelam has successfully led the boutique PR firm, Purebuzz. But her journey took a transformative turn when she pursued certification from the Integrated Institute of Nutrition, becoming a qualified health coach. Now, she runs PureHealth and provides a range of services that cater to the unique needs of her clients. From customized health plans to expert guidance, she empowers individuals to make informed choices and take control of their well-being.