Chilli Fagara celebrates 18 years with Retro Eighteen Menu

Available from May 13, the menu rotates monthly, offering signature Sichuan dishes and innovative new options.

Chilli Fagara celebrates 18 years with Retro Eighteen Menu
Source: Chilli Fagara

Chilli Fagara is marking its 18th anniversary with a special Retro Eighteen Menu, available from May 13. This limited-edition menu honors the restaurant’s rich Sichuan culinary heritage with 18 meticulously crafted dishes under the guidance of Chef Chan Kai Ying.

Chef Chan, a native of Chongqing, was born into a family of chefs and learned the essence of Sichuan cooking from her father. Her passion for creating delightful dishes took her to Canada, where she introduced Sichuan cuisine to a new audience. She returned to Hong Kong in 2005 to establish Chilli Fagara, which has since earned a Michelin recommendation for 11 consecutive years.

The Retro Eighteen Menu will be offered for three months, rotating six signature dishes each month to keep the dining experience fresh. In the first month, diners can enjoy highlights like the 18 Dynasty Delights (HK$888), a platter featuring 18 appetizers embodying the essence of Sichuan flavors “Ma,” “La” and “Tang.” Other notable dishes include Beef Stir-fry with 18 Years Tangerine Peel (HK$288), Drunken Concubine Mapo Tofu (HK$298) and Mouth Watering Lobster (HK$548).

The second month brings dishes such as Chilli Fagara Dungeness Crab (HK$988) and Long Jin Jumbo Prawns (HK$488), while the third month features Emperor’s Prawn (HK$488) and Kung Pao Calamari (HK$268). The menu also includes vegan and vegetarian options, reflecting Chilli Fagara’s blend of tradition and innovation.

Chilli Fagara’s ability to adapt and evolve while maintaining its culinary roots has kept it relevant for 18 years, catering to diverse tastes while honoring its heritage. Join in celebrating this milestone with the Retro Eighteen Menu, a testament to Chilli Fagara’s enduring excellence.

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