Hong Kong waterfall hiking guide – everything you need to know about these 7 hikes

Hong Kong is dotted with hikes that end in scenic waterfall landscapes.

Hong Kong waterfall hiking guide – everything you need to know about these 7 hikes
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When the Hong Kong heat starts to crank up, there's nothing better than a hike that ends with a splash in a refreshing waterfall. Luckily, Hong Kong is dotted with these hidden gems tucked away in its lush hillsides. These trails offer the perfect blend of adventure and cool relief, making them ideal for warmer days. You might be surprised just how close some of these natural escapes are to your doorstep! So grab your hiking boots and swimsuit, and get ready to explore seven of Hong Kong's most accessible and rewarding waterfall hikes – perfect for a quick getaway without straying too far from home.

Bride’s Pool And Mirror Pool

If you’re up for a hike with a spooky twist, head to Bride’s Pool and Mirror Pool, where urban legend has it that a bride fell into the pool en route to her wedding. Fortunately, getting there today is much easier, thanks to a well-marked, paved path. These picturesque spots are perfect for a leisurely stroll with stunning views and shallow pools that are ideal for a refreshing dip. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, the nearby Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail offers breathtaking vistas of Tolo Harbour and Plover Cove Reservoir. After your hike, you can unwind in the nearby village of Tai Mei Tuk, where you can enjoy delicious bites and even dabble in some water sports for a perfect day out.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Bride's Pool bus terminus
  • Distance – 1 kilometer
  • Duration – 1 hour (standard loop)

Ng Tung Chai Falls

Ng Tung Chai Falls hike on Tai Mo Shan is a must-visit. This trail features four stunning waterfalls, each with its own charm. Start at Bottom Falls, a serene spot with vines and dappled sunlight, then climb to Middle Falls for a picturesque cascade perfect for photos. Next, tackle the majestic Main Falls, the tallest, and finally, reach Scatter Falls, where water fans out beautifully over rocks. The hike is about three hours long, steep but well-maintained, and each waterfall offers unique beauty and refreshing pools for a quick dip. Along the way, don’t miss the Man Tak Yuen temple for a touch of history. It’s a bit of a workout, but the views and natural beauty make it all worthwhile.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Ng Tung Chai Village on Lam Kam Road
  • Distance – 3 kilometers
  • Duration – 3 hours (standard loop)

Sheung Luk Stream

For a mix of beach vibes and waterfall fun, Sheung Luk Stream in Sai Kung Country Park is where it's at. This place is totally Instagram-worthy and a hot spot among locals seeking a refreshing dip. Nestled between Sai Wan and Ham Tin beaches in Tai Long Wan, Sheung Luk Stream offers cascading waterfalls and turquoise pools perfect for cooling off. You can reach it by hiking down from Sai Wan Pavilion, where you'll discover deep pools for swimming and spots for cliff jumps if you're feeling adventurous. It's the perfect side adventure for a beach day or a highlight during a camping trip in Hong Kong.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Luk Wu Plateau
  • Distance – 3.5 kilometers
  • Duration – 1 hour (standard loop)

Wong Lung Hang Stream (Yellow Dragon Stream)

In the mood for an adventure where you can actually hike through a stream? Then Wong Lung Hang, aka Yellow Dragon Stream, is the place to be. This hike near Lantau Island’s Tung Chung offers some of Hong Kong’s most scenic waterfall views, especially after a good rainfall. As you follow the Wong Lung Hang Trail, you'll be treated to a series of cascading waterfalls like the impressive Yellow Dragon Waterfall, along with Left Dragon, Right Dragon and the Dragon Tail Waterfall. The trail itself is a mix of natural paths and rocky terrain, with opportunities to marvel at the lush surroundings and maybe even dip your toes in the cool, crystal-clear pools along the way. It’s a perfect escape for adventure seekers and nature lovers looking to explore Hong Kong’s lesser-known natural wonders.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Tung Chung MTR along Wong Lung Hang Road
  • Distance – 10 kilometers
  • Duration – 3 hours (standard loop)

Ma Dai Stream

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong? Tucked away behind rugged cliffs and thick jungle, Ma Dai Stream in Ma On Shan Country Park is a hidden oasis offering some of the clearest pools and coolest waters you'll find in the city. The hike isn't too long, but it's definitely a workout – you'll be scrambling over rocks and through dense vegetation, so wear sturdy shoes and be prepared to get a little wet. It's a favorite among canyoning buffs for its natural water slides and challenging terrain. If you're up for a bit of exploration and crave some tranquility in nature, Ma Dai Stream is your ticket to a refreshing and exhilarating day out.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Ma On Shan Country Park
  • Distance – 5 kilometers
  • Duration – 2 hours (standard loop)

Man Cheung Po

For those needing to beat the Hong Kong heat, head over to Man Cheung Po on Lantau Island for an epic waterfall adventure. It's just a short jaunt from Tai O, and you'll be treated to a jaw-dropping view of cascading waterfalls stretching 200 meters down to the South China Sea. After exploring Tai O's quaint fishing village and maybe spotting some pink dolphins, Man Cheung Po is the perfect spot to cool off. While you can't swim in the infinity pool at the base of the falls, there are plenty of natural rock pools nearby where you can take a refreshing dip and snap some Instagram-worthy shots. The hike is pretty easy, but make sure you wear good hiking shoes and bring along some mosquito repellent to enjoy this spot without any pesky bites.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Tai O Ferry Pier
  • Distance – 11 kilometers
  • Duration – 4 hours (standard loop)

Tai Tam Mound Waterfall

On Hong Kong Island, Tai Tam Mound Waterfall offers a refreshing retreat with minimal effort. Just a leisurely stroll along Section 6 of the Hong Kong Trail leads you to this tranquil cascading waterfall. Keep your eyes peeled for the rocky path that leads to this natural beauty. Take a moment to soak in the soothing sounds of the rushing water and admire the serene surroundings. While swimming is a no-go to protect the reservoir’s purity, Tai Tam Mound Waterfall offers a spot to unwind and recharge amid clean waters and peaceful natural beauty.

Quick facts

  • Starting point – Tai Tam Reservoir
  • Distance – 1 kilometer from Tai Tam Reservoir
  • Duration – 20 minutes (standard loop)