By Chi Ngo

Amazon settles $68 million lawsuit with Woody Allen

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Amazon has settled a $68 million breach of contract lawsuit with film director Woody Allen, who sued after the company backed out of a four-picture movie deal in June 2018, citing sexual misconduct allegations from the 1990s.

The one-page settlement was filed on November 8 in a New York Federal District Court in Manhattan, saying the lawsuit had been voluntarily dismissed with prejudice, which means that the case cannot be brought back to court. The details of the settlement were not disclosed.

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– What are the details of Allen’s lawsuit against Amazon?
– What are the sexual misconduct allegations against Allen?

Goldman Sachs faces investigation after viral tweet calls Apple card ‘sexist’

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Apple Card, a collaborative product between tech giant Apple and financial services company Goldman Sachs, is under investigation after a gender discrimination complaint went viral on Twitter.

Prominent software developer and entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson called the Apple card “a f**king sexist program” in a Twitter thread on November 7 after his wife, Jamie Hansson, was denied a credit line increase. He said that, although they shared finances, and Mrs. Hansson even had a better credit score than him, the Apple card algorithm still treated her like a credit risk.

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– What has been the response from Apple and Goldman Sachs?

Google taps into the wearables market with $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc announced on November 1 that it would buy Fitbit Inc. for $2.1 billion. The deal is likely to be finalized in 2020.

Industry-wide smartwatch sales are predicted to double to $34 billion by 2023, and Google is eager to tap into this market.

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– What does this acquisition mean for Google?
– What privacy concerns does the $2.1 billion deal create among Fitbit’s 28 million active users?

The millennial’s guide to pre-loved fashion

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 4 minutes The fashion industry is one of the main culprits of pollution and carbon emissions. It produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions, according to the UN Environment. The numbers are stark: it takes 2 700 liters of water to produce a single cotton T-shirt and around 7 500 liters of water to create a typical pair of jeans.

If you’re concerned about the sustainability of fast fashion, buying and selling pre-loved fashion is a great way to still look chic without further damaging the planet. Pre-loved clothes are usually cheaper than brand new items, which is a great way to save money as well.

Here is everything you need to know on, where to find quality pre-loved fashion and how to find quality items.

How to Survive as a Digital Nomad

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 5 minutes At first glance, digital nomads may look like they have the dream job. They travel around the world and work remotely from a beach, plane, or alpine resort with the help of digital tools. They’re never stuck with the 9 – 5, which allows them to visit exotic places and experience new things every day.

These were the “pros” I had in mind when I first started working as a digital nomad three years ago. I soon found out that there’s no such thing as a dream job and that being a digital nomad (as with any other job) comes with its own set of challenges.

If you are hoping to become a digital nomad, here are a few survival tips on:

1) How to find work as a digital nomad
2) Insurance, taxes, and other adult problems
3) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Everything you need to know about Softbank’s $10 billion WeWork buyout

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 5 minutes October 22 – SoftBank has announced a $10 billion buyout deal for WeWork in which the Japanese tech giant would gain control of around 80% of the flailing real estate company.

The buyout deal will put SoftBank’s stake in WeWork at $13 billion.

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– What is the extent of WeWork’s crisis?
– What’s next for WeWork?

Typhoon Hagibis kills over 70 and inflicts widespread damage in Japan

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Typhoon Hagibis, the worst storm to hit Tokyo since 1958, made landfall southwest of the Japanese capital city around 7 p.m. local time on October 12.

Wind gusts of up to 216 kilometers per hour (134 miles per hour) were reported in some parts of the country.

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– What were the economic impacts of the typhoon across Japan?
– What did Japanese agency damage reports reveal?

What you need to know about the wildfires in Indonesia – Causes and impacts

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 4 minutes October 2019 – Forest fires continue to wreak havoc on Indonesia’s western island of Sumatra, as well as in Central Kalimantan on Borneo. Hundreds of wildfires have spread across the islands, devastating ecosystems and creating smog so heavy that some regions were forced to close schools and cancel airline flights.

Indonesia’s disaster management agency identified the leading cause of the forest fires as slash-and-burn agriculture – the deliberate setting of fires to clear land for palm plantations.

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– Who are accountable for the fires?
– What are the impacts of the Indonesian forest fires on wildlife?
– What are the human health risks created by the fires?
– Which neighboring countries have lodged complaints?

Philippines Declares Polio Epidemic and Launches New Immunization Campaign

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes On September 19, 2019, the Philippines announced the re-emergence of polio within the country.

The announcement came 19 years after the WHO declared the infectious disease eradicated on the islands in 2000.

The announcement came following two confirmed cases of polio, a 3-year-old girl from Lanao del Sur in the Davao region, and a 5-year old boy from Laguna province, south of Manila.

A single confirmed polio case or the collection of two positive, genetically linked environmental samples from separate locations is considered an epidemic in a polio-free country.

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– What is polio and how does it spread?
– What caused the public distrust of vaccinations among Fillipinos?
– How is the Philippines responding to the new polio epidemic?

Alibaba adds work/life balance to core values as pro-996 chairman retires

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Billionaire Chinese businessman Jack Ma, who co-founded the tech and e-commerce giant Alibaba in 1999 has been an outspoken proponent of China’s “996” culture. Ma announced his retirement on September 10.

On the same day that Ma retired, Alibaba opened its post-Ma era by unveiling six new company values, one of which promotes a greater focus on work/life balance.

According to many critics of the company, including some Alibaba employees, this commitment to worker well-being was notably absent under Ma’s leadership.

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– What is the 996 culture, and how did Ma help to promote it?
– What has been the backlash against Alibaba’s overtime policy?
– What did a Chinese state-run newspaper have to say about Ma’s statements in favor of 996 culture?