Indonesia halts controversial penal code revision amid nationwide protests

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 5 minutes On September 20, 2019, President Joko Widodo abruptly delayed the passage of Indonesia’s Draft Penal Code, a controversial 628-article bill that would overhaul the nation’s criminal laws.

The revised code would further restrict freedom of speech in a country where it is already limited, and also ban sex outside of marriage. The bill had been expected to win the approval of the Indonesian Parliament in a vote scheduled for September 25.

With the vote now delayed, the matter will be taken up by the newly elected Parliament later this month.

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– What other piece of legislation did protesters decry?
– Why are protesters unappeased by the delay of the vote?
– What would passage of the Draft Penal Code mean for Indonesians?

Philippines Declares Polio Epidemic and Launches New Immunization Campaign

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes On September 19, 2019, the Philippines announced the re-emergence of polio within the country.

The announcement came 19 years after the WHO declared the infectious disease eradicated on the islands in 2000.

The announcement came following two confirmed cases of polio, a 3-year-old girl from Lanao del Sur in the Davao region, and a 5-year old boy from Laguna province, south of Manila.

A single confirmed polio case or the collection of two positive, genetically linked environmental samples from separate locations is considered an epidemic in a polio-free country.

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– What is polio and how does it spread?
– What caused the public distrust of vaccinations among Fillipinos?
– How is the Philippines responding to the new polio epidemic?

The beauty of rolling with the punches – Interview with Hilton Augustine Jr.

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, Dinocrates Group announced its acquisition of Global Management Systems, Inc. (GMSI), a networking and communications company. GMSI handled communication network systems for some of the most secure organizations in the world, such as the US Department of Defense.

Our reporter spoke with Hilton Augustine Jr., the fascinating figure behind GSMI, about his journey. Augustine’s thoughtful answers show how that journey has been shaped by his unique combination of relentless drive and simple joy in taking life as it comes.

Alibaba adds work/life balance to core values as pro-996 chairman retires

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Billionaire Chinese businessman Jack Ma, who co-founded the tech and e-commerce giant Alibaba in 1999 has been an outspoken proponent of China’s “996” culture. Ma announced his retirement on September 10.

On the same day that Ma retired, Alibaba opened its post-Ma era by unveiling six new company values, one of which promotes a greater focus on work/life balance.

According to many critics of the company, including some Alibaba employees, this commitment to worker well-being was notably absent under Ma’s leadership.

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– What is the 996 culture, and how did Ma help to promote it?
– What has been the backlash against Alibaba’s overtime policy?
– What did a Chinese state-run newspaper have to say about Ma’s statements in favor of 996 culture?

Trump-Ukraine Scandal – Checking Trump’s Counterclaims About Joe Biden

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the scandal surrounding US President Donald Trump’s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky escalates, the Trump Administration is enduring a new level of scrutiny.

A majority of members of the US House of Representatives now publicly support the newly launched impeachment probe.

Meanwhile, Trump allies are focusing their attacks on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who was heavily involved in US-Ukraine political negotiations from 2014 through 2016.

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– What do we know about Trump’s accusations about Biden and Ukraine?
– What is the connection between Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Ukrainian criminal prosecutions?
– Why did Biden’s role in the Ukraine increase during the years 2014-2017?

Trump-Ukraine Scandal – What the Documents Say PLUS Trump Retaliation Threat

By: Bennett Siems

Reading Time: 7 minutes Previously, The Millennial Source reported the timeline of the scandal surrounding US President Donald Trump’s communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

At the heart of the controversy is a phone call between Trump and Zelensky that occurred on July 25, 2019. With two key documents related to the call now publicly available, US lawmakers and citizens have begun to weigh the evidence for themselves.

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– On September 25, the White House released a “rough transcript” of a phone call between Trump and Zelensky. What does the transcript show?
– What can we learn from the whistleblower report, which was filed with the US Intelligence Inspector General (IG) on August 12 by an anonymous intelligence agent?
– Why has the phrase quid pro quo become omnipresent in US media coverage?
– How did Trump threaten retaliation against the whistleblower?