Faces in the Cages – How US Policies Shaped the US-Mexico Border Crisis

The US Humanitarian Border Emergency, Part One Bennett Siems Images of the children, separated from their parents and huddled in detention center cages at the US-Mexico border, have shocked the world. Verified reports of these children being denied basic necessities like blankets, soap and toothbrushes have escalated the global outcry. And detained adults are not…

This is why your leaders and ALL the companies want a piece of the 5G pie

– This is why your leaders and ALL the companies want a piece of the 5G pie. Headlines about the global “5G Race” are everywhere these days. We were told that China and South Korea jumped out to a big lead in 2018, but the US is now surging to the front of the pack. But is 5G really such a big deal? Is it really worth a cutthroat worldwide race?
– In two words, yes and yes. Here’s why.

Go beyond the headlines with us…

– What exactly is 5G, again?
– What are the Economic benefits for businesses, governments and regional economies during the 5G rollout phase?
– What are the benefits for the actual winners of this race?

4 gift ideas for that type A friend

We all have that friend who is always just so on top of life. Every single event is recorded in her calendar, and she’s always 15 minutes early to everything, always put together, just always “on”.

They amaze us, but these friends also cause us mini panic attacks when it comes time to buy them gifts. Finding something that will meet their expectations and that they’ll actually like seems a little … daunting, to put it mildly.

So when it’s time to get a gift for that friend, here are a few ideas to make her day without driving yourself crazy!