10 self-care tips: how to relax after a long day

10 self-care tips: how to relax after a long day
Source: Pexels, Lisa Fotios

Tough and demanding days are unfortunately something we are all too familiar with. Some of us may already have ways to help de-stress each day. But, for those looking for ideas, we have 10 tips on how to relax after a long day. Whether you are mentally or physically exhausted, relaxing after a long day should be a priority to re-energize for tomorrow. Give one of these tips a try the next time you need to unwind.

Take care of your skin

Exfoliating and applying a smooth, cold face mask can relieve your skin and be quite therapeutic. Taking the time to develop a skin care routine can also make you feel more put together. To soothe your skin is to soothe your mind, so it’s worth a try after a long day. Plus, a nighttime skin care routine is the perfect way to pamper yourself before bedtime.

Drink more water

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! We can’t say it enough. Without even knowing it, you could be dehydrated, since drinking water throughout the day often seems to slip our minds. We promise you’ll immediately feel refreshed after grabbing that glass because your body will always be happy for some extra hydration. To make things more interesting, garnish a tall glass of ice water with some fresh lemon, mint or ginger for a refreshing twist.

Take a bath

Feeling the warm water on your skin is soothing and helps to relax your tense body. Some of us may not have the luxury of our own bath, but a hot shower would still do the trick. Take the opportunity to expand your skin care routine to your entire body by including your favorite body scrub or wash. Light some scented candles or bring out the bath salts for a spalike night of pampering.

Read or journal

You may be looking for some entertainment while you bathe, and bringing in a book will do just that. You can soak your tense muscles while catching up on your reading list. Whether you feel more comfortable laying in the bath or on the couch, getting lost in the pages of a good book will keep your mind stimulated. This is also a chance for you to stay off your phone and social media and unplug for a bit.

Change into pajamas

After you bathe/shower, get straight into some comfy clothes. Let’s be honest – no one actually enjoys lounging around their own home in jeans. You deserve to get into whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Save the work clothes for working.

Forget about work

To truly relax is to forget about everything that’s occupying your mind. For most of us, this is usually work. You’ve worked hard enough this day, so don’t punish yourself by letting it control “you” time. Although being a hard worker is a great trait to have, forgetting to take care of yourself could cause your downfall. Keeping your work life and personal life separate is essential in establishing self-care at the end of the day.


It may seem counterintuitive to exercise in order to unwind, but you’ll quickly learn about its long term benefits. If you already know that exercising isn’t your thing, don’t let that put you off. Start slow with something you think you’ll enjoy and don’t be afraid to try something new. From yoga to running, there are a wide range of activities to try.

Listen to music

Adding your favorite music to the background will boost your mood and lighten up the atmosphere. Pick something with positive vibes for the best effects. We won’t judge the type of music you decide to play, but choose something that will help you relax.

Bake some yummy goods

Fill your heart with some home-baked goods. Who wouldn’t love a sweet treat when they’re feeling a little tense? Not only will you create some warm, hearty treats to devour, but also the process of mixing the ingredients and baking in your own oven can be rather healing. It’s more fulfilling than ordering out (although sometimes, that’s also warranted).

Set a sleep schedule

We saved the most important tip for last – getting enough sleep is the best thing that will keep you going the next day. You could take a long bath or pamper yourself for hours, but it will all be for nothing without proper sleep. Strive for at least seven hours, but we understand that it might not be possible with your schedule. But that’s no excuse to not aim for as much sleep as you can get.

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