What’s the fuss about on Peel Street in Hong Kong?

After any weekend brunch in Central with friends, you may find your friends doing the usual 20-minute indecisive discussion on where to go for drinks afterward.

What’s the fuss about on Peel Street in Hong Kong?
Source: Flickr, Jens Schott Knudsen

After any weekend brunch in Central with friends, you may find your friends doing the usual 20-minute indecisive discussion on where to go for drinks afterward. Most people will not want to go so far that the group needs a taxi, and most are likely keen to go somewhere relaxed and reasonably priced – as we know, free flow brunches can get quite costly. In this particular situation, the perfect option is Peel Street.

Some of the crew might be concerned over recent COVID-19 cases and the infamous Peel Street crowds. In the news after the second wave, Peel Street in Central had become synonymous with big mask-less crowds who threw social distance to the wind. However, the happy hour on Peel Street beckons, nonetheless. There are quite a few bars and restaurants well worth a visit, and once you’re settled in with a glass of wine, you’ll forget those fears and remember what it’s like to moderately party in 2020.

The Shady Acres

Hands down the best bar on Peel Street, welcome to The Shady Acres. The vibe is always right with the Shady crew. As you walk up Peel Street, you will find the most action happening around Shady’s porch-like entrance. Here, people enjoy their amazing wine collection of more than 200 hand selected bottles or have doggy playdates with a few tins of Shady’s exclusive IPA beer made in collaboration with Young Master Brewery.

The warm and funny staff will work their hardest to find you a seat in this usually packed but cozy bar. Yet, the star of the show is the happy hours. Yes, it is plural. The Shady Acres offers two incredible happy hours. One starts at 5 p.m. and runs until 7 p.m., and the other happy hour is from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. We are talking about a variety of great drinks, including the house cocktail for under HK$50 (US$6.45). Plus, there’s food. The Impossible Burger is highly recommended for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

Address: 46 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

Chi Chi Cham

While Peel Street feels like a newly arisen hot spot, Chi Chi Cham has always been a cool happy hour gathering place. Before all the other trendy bars now buzzing on the street, Chi Chi Cham impressed with a slick interior design taking on Orientalism stereotypes with a snarky style and a skateboarder’s sense of fun including lots of low hanging Chinese umbrellas dangling from the ceiling. In fact, guests can interact with the playful design by trying on Chinese emperor costumes.

Chi Chi Cham stands for “chat at a low voice” but with such a wide array of constant new drink promotions, it can get busy and a bit rowdy – in a good way. The food is based on Japanese Izakaya style with small bites options such as fried soft shell crab and fried pork bone dumplings. There is also a catch of the day offering for those looking for salmon sashimi or oysters.

Address: 53 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

Uma Nota

Uma Nota is renowned for both its craft cocktails and its conceptually cool Brazilian-inspired menu. The well-designed layout of the restaurant blends in seamlessly with the vibe of Peel Street. A row of steps made specifically for sitting line the entrance way, so it is easy to feel like you’re on a seated terrace, looking on to the Peel Street action as you sip your caipirinha.

With a mix of table seating and high back chairs along the bar, you have the option of coming for a fun carnival-style weekend brunch or for a solo weekday drink after a long work day. Upon entering Uma Nota, guests pass through the outdoor seating area into the spacious square-shaped dining space, complete with a well-stocked bar on one side and window seats overlooking the semi-open kitchen.

Address: 38 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

Bella Lee

Down the street from the main Peel Street strip is Bella Lee, a fun bar with a modern Italian design. It is one of the latest to come to Peel Street, but has taken the place of the soju bar Edition. It also has a large happy hour crowd sitting outside along the sidewalk steps. Aperol is in high demand as well as a wide selection of creative spritzers. You can get a bar snack selection of paninis, fritis such as panelle, a chickpea pancake and even Panino con Porchetta. If you’re looking for a fun happy hour with a touch of Italian style, look no further.

Address: 37 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong