Where to buy furniture for your new place

Where to buy furniture for your new place
Source: Pexels, Martin Péchy

Moving into a new place is exciting, but worrying about the furniture you need can sometimes ruin that high. Measuring your space, checking out reviews, choosing a color scheme – it can be more complicated than you imagine. However, it’s also exhilarating to start fresh and decorate your new home with matching furniture sets. To help you find the best furniture for you, we’ve compiled a list of reliable and accessible places to purchase new pieces. Check out our list for the best places to buy furniture for your new place.


Roaming through IKEA and living out your dream home fantasy with their model rooms is part of the fun when shopping at their massive warehouses. We doubt you can say you’ve never wandered the store just to try out their beds (even without the intention of buying anything), but if you actually haven’t, you’re missing out! IKEA has to be the most iconic furniture store for its cheap and sturdy furniture. They really will have everything you need, from kitchen appliances to duvets.


Minimalist homes have taken the décor world by storm – fewer items with simplistic designs and more wood and whites color-schemes are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re taken with this aesthetic, then you’ll be pleased to know that Muji designs furniture that will fit your design goals perfectly. Muji not only specializes in simple designs but also understands the importance of comfort in our everyday lives. Muji is also known for its vast choices of containers and organizers that help you maximize the storage space in your new home.


Home of unique and exquisite crafts, Etsy offers furniture, accessories and everything else you can think of that will have your guests intrigued – from handmade and artisan designs to vintage conversation-starters. Etsy will have you scrolling for hours with their extensive amount of home items. Etsy is the ideal one-stop-shop for quirky or creative individuals looking for one-of-a-kind items.

Minted: Home

Although Minted is a site for charming gifts and stationery, they also offer a home section with the cutest linen designs. Minted has got your pillow and curtain needs covered, depending on your style. Whether you enjoy the simplicity of the understated or the beauty of bright pattern, Minted has a variety of choices to inspire you. They also offer décor items like lampshades and wall murals that will pull the room together – plus, they’re offering 20% off your first order when you register your email.

The Home Depot

You can’t leave The Home Depot off the list when it comes to home renovation and décor. For an affordable price, you can find all the necessities right in one place. Add a gorgeously carved wooden bed frame from The Home Depot as a functional centerpiece for the bedroom, or a classic couch that’s both stylish and comfortable for entertaining and just hanging out.

Anthropologie: Home

The pieces you need for styling your midcentury modern home are waiting for you at Anthropologie. Their velvet statement couches with matching armchairs give you and your guests a comfy, functional space with stylish and textured accents. Anthropologie Home cares about every detail and brings you intricate and original designs that will ensure you feel cozy in your new home without sacrificing your personal style.

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