Tips for working out in the winter – Baby, it’s cold outside

Tips for working out in the winter – Baby, it’s cold outside
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Finding ways to stay motivated to work out is hard enough without the winter gloom getting in the way. But, winter is coming – no matter what. We have to learn to adjust and make it work for us. It’s important to remember your goals and not let the cold stop you from reaching your potential. Whether it’s the holiday spirit or the cold that has you feeling sluggish, we have some tips for working out in the winter that will get you back on your feet and more active than ever.

Workout at home

Although not for everyone, working out in the comfort (and heat) of your own home is a great way to avoid the miserable weather. Winters can be cruel with strong winds and snow, so staying in doors could be your safest bet. There are plenty of videos and workouts to try online that are accessible despite small spaces. Investing in some quality workout equipment such as weights or resistance bands would make an at-home workout more interesting and enjoyable.

Buy workout gear

We may hate to admit it, but for some reason, there is something so exciting about buying new workout gear. Although, this isn’t something we should feel guilty splurging on because it is also a form of motivation. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt their new sports outfits? Giving yourself little rewards (such as purchasing new apparel) is a perfect way to keep yourself going despite the winter season.

Join a class

It’s even more tempting to join a fitness class during the winter for the indoor accommodations. You won’t even notice the blizzarding weather from outside those gym walls. Also, committing to a class is as close as you’ll get to setting it in stone. Once you’ve signed up, there’s no going back. Adding a class to your schedule is a major accountability-booster.

Have a buddy

If joining a class isn’t for you, try a more intimate group of a few friends (or even just one). Being in a class with random people may seem intimidating, and if you feel this way, you can grab a friend to be your workout buddy instead. Not only will this be a great excuse to catch up with them, but you’re also getting a workout at the same time.

Go while the sun is out

The only thing more miserable than a cruel winter day is a cruel winter night. Going out for a run after the sun has set will just amplify the cold and make you less likely to leave your home. Unless you enjoy running at night, we suggest sticking to the daytime, especially when the sun is shining.

Stay warm

We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay warm. Many people think that because they are working out, that they don’t need to bundle up. However, this is untrue, and it’s still important to keep yourself warm even while working up a sweat. You have to find a balance (always check the temperature before heading out) as you also don’t want to over do it with layers upon layers of clothes. Being comfortable and wearing lightweight clothing are things to consider when choosing your weather-appropriate workout outfit.

Do something you enjoy

This tip is applicable not only during the winter, but during any season. You will only stay motivated and consistent if you are enjoying your workout (or at least not getting bored). So, don’t bother running up and down flights of stairs if you hate it – it’s not going to keep you motivated in the long-run.

If you aren’t sure what exactly makes you happy to workout, it’s the season for trying new things. There are so many classes to join and home workouts to try that you will never have to do the same things twice. There’s aerial yoga (or just regular yoga), boxing, bouldering, ice-skating and HIIT, just to name a few choices.

Schedule your workouts

Scheduling your workouts proves to yourself that exercise is just as important as all the other appointments written on your calendar. Not only are you making time to work out, but this also helps you track your progress. After a while, this will ultimately make getting active much easier and natural.

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