Why technology is important

Why technology is important
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One reason why technology is important is that it’s so embedded in our society that its ubiquity has made it almost impossible to avoid. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing (as many would believe), considering much of our civilization and daily lives require technology to function.

When people think of technology, they automatically think of phone usage or addiction – but the scope is far greater than that. From scientific research to education, technology has helped us build a more successful and efficient society. The list of reasons why technology is important and valuable is endless, but we’ve gathered some of the most notable points in this roundup.


Without technology, we would still be sending messenger pigeons instead of simply pressing the send button. Although that might seem exciting and fun, it is undoubtedly much less convenient than sending a text message. The invention of the audio call in 1876 revolutionized communication, and it ultimately kick-started the communication technology we know and use today. Especially in 2020 with the pandemic, we’ve learned daily why technology is important – being able to video-call your friends and family while isolating has been a benefit we wouldn’t have had many years ago.


Thanks to technology, we have saved a lot of time and effort in doing tedious tasks we’d rather avoid. Why not pass them on to artificial intelligence (AI)? Not only will they not complain, but AI’s are incredibly efficient. Many companies and businesses rely on artificial intelligence to retrieve data about the market and important demographic information on their customers. This ensures that companies can better serve and provide for their customers while having to do less work on their behalf.

Learning and education

The internet is just one of the blessings brought to us by technology that almost everyone in our society takes full advantage of. When you ask yourself why technology is important, the internet is sure to be one of the first things to come to mind. It’s true when they say you can find absolutely everything on the internet because it’s a whole other world of infinite information. Therefore, learning about new things has never been so easy as you can research anything in just a few clicks.

In addition to this, traditional learning has become much more interesting with the presence of interactive media and presentations. Classes can ultimately be taught fully online with almost the same efficacy as in-person classes. This makes receiving an education and general learning much easier for those who can’t focus on full-time, in-person learning.

Scientific research

Scientific and medical advancements have only been able to progress with the help of technology. New equipment and materials provide scientists with the opportunity deeply exploring areas that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. We’ve seen this particularly highlighted throughout the year in the search for a coronavirus vaccine. Medical procedures have also been made more efficient and safe as many surgeons have the guidance of a mechanized apparatus. Even simple diagnostic tools such as X-rays and other scans are all done using technology. The health and medical fields are certainly a major reason for why technology is important as they have exponentially increased our quality of life.

Security protection

Cybersecurity and defense systems play a larger part in our lives than we might think. Online attacks are so prevalent due to the fact of everything being stored on the cloud these days. Although this is mainly a threat to companies and businesses, it undeniably affects us too, as that information includes our personal data.

Technology has built a bad reputation as some people like to amplify its downfalls. Sure, there are a lot of negative impacts of technology but it wouldn’t be fair not to acknowledge all the reasons why technology is important to our daily lives. From businesses to health and to our own personal interactions, technology has made our everyday living more efficient and convenient.

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