Hong Kong’s first alpaca petting zoo in New Territories

Hong Kong’s first alpaca petting zoo in New Territories
Source: Facebook, Go Green Organic Farm

Bored of sitting at home binge watching Netflix every weekend? We are too. This weekend, add a hint of nature to keep you gladly entertained in spite of all the adventures our city has to offer.

Introducing Hong Kong’s pineapple-themed alpaca petting zoo, Go Green Organic Farm. The four new fluffy alpacas arrived at Kam Tin in October of 2019, flown in from Perth have become all the rage as a tourist attraction in New Territories.

Alpacas and more!

While alpacas are obviously the main attraction here, a number of rabbits and goats are also present at Go Green Organic Farm. The farm includes a playground and other family-friendly activities, so kids will thoroughly enjoy this day-out. The entrance fee is HK$150, and the farm offers a variety of activities for an older audience too – ranging from getting real close to feral, yet adorable animals as well as the chance to feed and pet the alpacas. It costs an additional HK$60 to feed them, so keep that in mind when planning your visit. Other than playing with furry friends, guests at the farm can engage in craft workshops, explore the pineapple fields, grab some pineapple-themed sweet treats and even grow your own vegetables.

Animal lovers come from all corners of the city to meet, feed and take pictures with the furry doe-eyed creatures, and the farm has become a buzzing hotspot. Although some groups are not as happy about Go Green Organic Farm. Many animal rights activists raised concerns on the internet when the farm first opened. Flown all the way from Australia, the alpacas – two females and two males – were merely two and half years old at the time. Many activists were concerned that at an early age the alpacas had been stripped away from their mothers. Others felt Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate is an unsuitable environment to raise these alpacas. Go Green Organic Farm has yet to publicly comment on these criticisms.

Dig it or despise it, this alpaca petting zoo is the only location in Hong Kong where you can get up close and intimate with alpacas. Head over to their website to find out more about Hong Kong’s first alpaca petting zoo.

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