The best parks in Hong Kong to see cherry blossoms

The best parks in Hong Kong to see cherry blossoms
Source: Pexels, Oleg Magni

The best parks in Hong Kong can let you enjoy cherry blooms without going to a crowded cherry blossom festival. With worldwide travel still under restrictions due to the pandemic, a visit to Japan or South Korea for their own breathtaking cherry blossom season may be out of the question. However, you’ll be glad to know that you may not have to travel that far to still see the picturesque visions of white and pink blossoms this year. For those seeking to experience the beauty of spring, we’ve listed the best parks in Hong Kong to see these beautiful blossoms.

Hong Kong Velodrome Park

Located in Tseung Kwan O, the Hong Kong Velodrome Park is a 5.3-hectare park featuring an attractive landscaped area with roughly 11 cherry trees. The best spots to capture photos with the pink and white blossoms are near the central lawn as well as the velodrome.

Seeking a thrilling outdoor activity? The park has a variety of leisure and sports facilities, such as a skatepark, jogging track and a climbing wall. It also features a children’s play area and a fitness corner for the elderly – a perfect outing for the whole family to enjoy!

Kwan Kung Pavilion, Cheung Chau

Formerly a fishing village, the small southern island of Cheung Chau has an abundance to offer from delicious street food to relaxing scenery. It is also the site of the Kwan King Pavilion, a traditional red Chinese Pavilion with the pink and white blossoms of 10 cherry trees located at its entrance. Take a visit inside the temple to see the 2.5-meter statue of Kwan Kung, a sacred general of the Han Dynasty, sculpted from an entire camphor tree.

Tai Po Waterfront Park

With an area of 22 hectares, Tai Po Waterfront Park is Hong Kong’s largest public park. It is situated along the Tolo Harbour in New Territories and contains some of the most diverse cherry blossoms in Hong Kong. Here you can see the Yoshino Cherry, a Japanese flowering tree with almond-scented blossoms as well as the Fuji Cherry, known for its light pink and paper-thin petals. Tai Po Waterfront Park is also home to several species of camellia and rose, making this an ideal location for flower lovers.

Explore the park and take a venture to the lookout tower. At 32.4 meters, it offers visitors a panoramic view over the Tai Po Industrial and the rugged countryside stretching to the border with mainland China.

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

The Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden spreads across 148 hectares of land on the northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan. Among the many attractions at this site is the T.S. Wood Memorial Pavilion, which is set on a ridge surrounded by tall pines and 230 Taiwanese cherry trees. The Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden also features several nature trails, animal and plant exhibits, and notable heritage sites and viewpoints like the Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Pavilion, which offers visitors a panoramic view of the KFBG and the northwestern New Territories.

Rotary Park, Tai Mo Shan Country Park

At 957 meters above sea level, Tai Mo Shan is Hong Kong’s highest peak and is visible from most parts of the city. For those seeking to venture into nature, Tai Mo Shan has several hiking trails around the summit featuring an abundance of greenery and panoramic views. Before starting your climb, head to the Rotary Park Nature Trail near the entrance of Tai Mo Shan Country Park and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of 38 Taiwanese cherry blossom trees.

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