How to travel without leaving home in Hong Kong

How to travel without leaving home in Hong Kong
Source: Pexels, Alex Azabache

As traveling hasn’t been an option for us recently due to the pandemic, our lives have never been so dull. But for those of us stuck in Hong Kong, we’ve got a few ideas on how to travel without leaving home. Once you think you’ve done everything, exploring Hong Kong is a great way to keep yourself entertained while experiencing the city in a different light. There’s no need to buy expensive tickets to Bali or Switzerland when you can travel without leaving home right within Hong Kong.

Monkey Hill, Kam Shan Country Park

One of Bali’s biggest tourist attractions is their famous Ubud Monkey Forest. But you can still experience those same feisty monkeys at Monkey Hill here in Hong Kong. Kam Shan Country Park is a monkey paradise where these creatures roam free. You can easily spend a day exploring and observing these macaques with panoramic views of Golden Hill.

There are plenty of paths that snake through the country park popular with hikers and joggers. As you walk through these trails, you’ll be completely immersed in the monkey kingdom while getting a glimpse of their life (more than you’ll see at the zoo). But be careful because these curious monkeys will not hesitate to peek inside your bag for any food you might have. As tempting as it might be, it is advised that you do not feed the monkeys, as they can get aggressive.

To get there, take the MTR to Lai Chi Kok and get on the KMB bus 72 from Cheung Sha Wan Bus Terminus. Another way is to get off the MTR at Kowloon/Austin Station and hop on the KMB bus 81 on To Wah Road. On both buses, you will be getting off at the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir.

Glamping, Pui O

Glamping has recently been growing in popularity, and what better time to hop on that trend than now? Having to stay in the house month after month has become remarkably dull, so spending the night under the stars will bring back a sense of adventure, without having to endure the struggles of traditional camping.

Galaxy Garden is a cozy, yet glamorous campsite tucked away in Pui O, Lantau Island. Their bubblelike tents allow privacy while still giving you a perfect view of the night sky through a clear roof. Despite the barriers we are all facing with social distancing, there will be no barriers between you and nature as you are fully surrounded by greenery. It’s also the perfect way to get out on a mini staycation without risking the health and safety of yourself and others.


Close your eyes and transport yourself to the majestic alps of Switzerland. As the wind picks up, you feel yourself being compelled to dance with it. Your feet begin to lift off the ground, and you look up to see the snowy mountains protecting the vibrantly blue lake down below. This fantasy isn’t too far from reality as paragliding is a sport highly practiced in Hong Kong.

In the skies above Ma On Shan, Shek O and Lantau East, you’ll frequently notice these kites gliding gracefully. Thankfully, there are paragliding associations in Hong Kong that offer flights (with a certified pilot right behind you) for those who are inexperienced but just want to experience the adrenaline and enjoyment of flying. Hike ‘N’ Fly is Hong Kong’s only tandem paragliding operator that is registered and insured with APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors). On your day trip, you’ll be fully briefed on safety regulations (including takeoff and landing procedures) and have a practice session before hitting the hills. Once you’re up in the sky, your only job is to sit back, relax and take in the view!

Zip-lining, Tung Lung Island

When you think of Hong Kong, the first thing that usually pops into people’s mind is the city. But in reality, there is more greenery and nature than people realize. Tung Lung Island is a popular destination for thrill seekers looking for adventure like rock climbing, coasteering, abseiling and zip-lining. Sure, this is something you would usually do on holiday, but it’s very much accessible in Hong Kong. This Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure is a one-day course that lets people experience the rush of adrenaline while being under safe supervision. The course includes safety briefings, hiking and a lot of zip-lining.

Despite being stuck in the house and unable to hop on a plane to your next bucket list destination, it’s easy to experience a pseudo-vacation and travel without leaving home right here in Hong Kong.

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