Themed cafes in Hong Kong you need to check out

Themed cafes in Hong Kong you need to check out
Source: Pexels, Lina Kivaka

While Hong Kong has plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants to offer, unique and unusual themed cafes in Hong Kong are more of a best-kept secret. With dining out restrictions easing in the region, we’ve compiled a list of some unique themed cafes in Hong Kong – with everything from nostalgic cartoon characters to real-life furry friends. Bring your camera and sense of novelty for these unique restaurants in Hong Kong aimed at satisfying nerds and hipsters alike.

9¾ Café

Calling all Potterheads! Indulge in some enchanting treats inspired by the wizarding world of J.K Rowling at the 9¾ Café – Hong Kong’s first unofficial Harry Potter themed cafe. Decorated with genuine Harry Potter memorabilia, from wands and spell books to broomsticks and even a sorting hat (all from the owner’s personal collection), the cafe offers a variety of Western-style dishes named after notable characters and themes from the series. Come try the Aragog Salad (HK$62) or The Order of the Phoenix (HK$118). There are also several potions for you muggles to try, such as the Polyjuice Potion, Felix Felicis and Amortenia love potion for HK$55 each. Guests are also invited to pose for photos with Potter-style glasses, magic wands and the famous disappearing trolley from Platform 9¾.

Rabbitland Café

Inspired by Japan’s famous “Rabbit Island” in Okunoshima, Rabbitland is Hong Kong’s first rabbit cafe. Situated in Causeway Bay, the cafe invites guests to slip on some comfy footwear and enter the “bunny den” for a playdate with the fluffy fellas – you’re guaranteed for some cuteness overload! Furnished with tiny tables and chairs, rabbit pens and bunny-themed décor, it’s the perfect setting for taking some adorable pics. An hour in the bunny den with a drink is HK$68 per person, or an alternate option for one drink, a tasty dish and a rabbit snack for your new friend is  HK$138.

Jolly Thinkers

With more than a hundred board games to play, Jolly Thinkers is never short of entertainment. This popular hangout spot has now branched into two locations – one located in Prince Edward, and a larger branch is in Wan Chai. The entry fee is HK$65 per person, which is inclusive of a HK$30 soft drink and two hours of board gaming time. However, Jolly Buddy Members (it’s free to register) can get a discount of 10%.

Mum’s Not Home

Located in an unassuming residential building in Yau Mau Tei, Mum’s Not Home is one of the more unique restaurants in Hong Kong. With house plants and eccentric décor surrounding the room, this bohemian-style spot is the perfect location for some hipster photos for the ‘gram! Sink into one of their comfy cushion mats and enjoy a sweet treat from their selection of delicious cheesecakes and fruit teas. As an additional bonus, the cafe also invites guests to browse through its curation of colorful portraits, vintage clothes and various other trinkets for sale. Mums Not Home is open daily from 1-6 p.m., except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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