Have fun in the sun with these things to do in Laguna Beach, California

Have fun in the sun with these things to do in Laguna Beach, California
Source: Don Ramey Logan

When it’s nice outside, Californians and visitors to the area are of course looking for fun things to do in Laguna Beach. With summer around the corner and people eager to get out of the house, plans for hitting the best beach cities in California are increasing by the day. For someone looking to spend the day enjoying the waters of the loveliest beaches or to sip on a glass of wine oceanside while you listen to the waves whisper in your ear, Laguna Beach city in Southern California is a fitting destination to visit. Here, the ocean never fails to please. The more you visit, the more treasures you come across nestled in between Laguna’s seven mile span of hidden coves, fine art galleries and eclectic eateries. If you’re searching for the perfect beach city in California to visit during the summer, this is the one destination that might check all the boxes.

The perfect summer day in Laguna Beach

Wondering where to start? Start off by taking advantage of the many things to do in Laguna Beach city itself. Unless you’re trying to do a full beach day, know that when you enter Laguna, there’s more than just the beach to consider. The city is known to be a cultural hub for all things art, and downtown Laguna Beach is the place to start your search.

Walking distance from Laguna Canyon Road is Festival of the Arts, an enormous outdoor summer arts festival that highlights Southern California’s greatest artists. The energy here is usually very lively, and with the festival said to open back up in July, the art is expected to be even livelier. Pageant of the Masters is soon to be opening up again with an amphitheater full of actors, live narration and a professional orchestra you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for 90 minutes of live production re-creations of classical and contemporary works of art, look for upcoming shows here.

If you keep heading inward toward downtown Laguna Beach city, you’ll notice not only eateries and places to get acai bowls, but collections of different artwork eyeing you from across the street. Scattered throughout the small-town beach city are some of the finest art galleries and exhibits to walk through, including The Signature Gallery located in the cut of Laguna’s newly developed promenade. As you walk up a short staircase to the gallery, take in the first couple of paintings that catch your eye and keep a couple questions in mind for friendly gallery director Suzanne Barber to answer. Showcasing artwork from various contemporary artists like Joelle Blouin and Jenny Simon, the gallery offers experience and collections like no other.

By now you should be getting hungry, but not to worry, right under the art gallery is some of the best Belgian food in California. Tucked away in its own little corner is Brussels Bistro, an eatery that offers an authentic taste and experience of Belgium. If Belgian food isn’t your thing, Laguna has plenty of other styles to choose from. Carmelita’s authentic Mexican cuisine is said to have one of the best margaritas in Laguna Beach. La Sirena is famously known for their fish tacos. If you’re looking for a swanky experience, dine in at Las Brisas, where you can sip on a gin and tonic oceanside while you snack on freshly caught white shrimp ceviche.

Next, find a local beach or a hidden hike to venture on to watch the sunset, the options . Hidden in between the cliffs of Laguna are numbers of different trails and beaches to discover. Thousand Steps Beach is one of the larger beaches in the area with volleyball courts, restrooms and tide pools to dip your feet in.
A smaller, more intimate beach that divers and locals go to is Shaw’s Cove. There you’ll find a smaller beach to lay a towel on with even more tide pools to play in. If you head far enough to the right, you’ll come up on one of the best sunset views in Laguna Beach. Cliffside a thousand feet up in the air in the hills of Laguna Beach is an attraction known as Top of the World. Here, you’re able to do a full 360 panoramic with the most beautiful scenic view you can ask for – ending your day on a high, quite literally.

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