The Coffee Academïcs introduces a new series of interactive coffee workshops

The Coffee Academïcs introduces a new series of interactive coffee workshops
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Founded in 2012, The Coffee Academïcs has cultivated a standard for exceptional coffee quality and coffeehouse experiences. According to a Frost and Sullivan report, the coffeehouse ranked No. 1 in specialty coffee in 2017 in Hong Kong, establishing itself as the leading specialty coffee player in the city.

Heralding specialty coffee sourced only from the Top 5% of the best Arabic coffee beans, their coffee hub has expanded to reach Singapore, Thailand, mainland China, Macao, Philippines, Japan and Qatar, with more partnerships and retail footprint underway. The Coffee Academïcs offers a selection of award-winning blends, with a rating of 92 points and 93 points for its House Blend and JWF Blend, respectively, receiving the highest score in Asia and ranked No. 3 in the world.

Curating an award-winning roasting team, The Coffee Academïcs ensures that all their coffee is either directly traded from unique small-scale plantations or auction-grade coffees. Additionally, 70% of their most popular House Blend gives back to coffee farmer communities through charities and social enterprises worldwide.

The Coffee Academïcs offers workshops and classes

A true pioneer of world-class specialty coffee, The Coffee Academïcs has continued to invest in top-of-the-line barista training and brewing equipment. With its commitment to curating a robust coffee culture and community in Asia, The Coffee Academïcs has extended its comprehensive training programs from internal professional teams to hobbyists at large, offering workshops and events led by qualified coffee instructors as well as internationally recognized certification programs.

The Coffee Academïcs is offering a new series of weekly coffee workshops on Thursdays available in Cantonese and English as well as private classes upon request. Each Thursday will present a new workshop revolving around the art of specialty coffee-making – from Brewing Skills and Espresso & Milk to Cupping & Sensory. Classes will be hosted at The Coffee Academïcs (The Morrison Shop on 225 Wan Chai Road) with the full workshop schedule available online. All workshops are 90 minutes and priced at HK$488 per guest.

The Coffee Academïcs weekly coffee workshops content

The Brewing Skills workshop presents a comprehensive introduction to the world of Specialty Coffee Filter Brewing. Participants will be able to taste and brew coffee using various pour-over methods such as V60, Chemex and Aeropress. The workshop concludes with participants being rewarded the fruits of their labor – a cup of their handcrafted pour-over coffee.

Espresso and Milk offer insights into the day of a barista, disclosing secrets on the perfect way to pull shots and steam milk to create delicious and silky-smooth cappuccinos and café lattes.

Sensory and Cupping is an introductory class to how coffee aficionados experience coffee. From exploring the nuances and varied description of coffee flavors to the taste and tactile experience of the coffee itself, participants are guaranteed to discover newfound flavors in coffee.

If you’re a true coffee aficionado looking for more than just a quick brew, be sure to stop by The Coffee Academïcs for one of their new interactive coffee workshops for a full hands-on experience.

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