Restaurants open late in Los Angeles

Restaurants open late in Los Angeles
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With cities livening up and allowing people back out and about, you might be in search of restaurants open late in Los Angeles for a late night bite. Whether you’re just getting off from a dreadful 10 hour shift or picking up a friend from an after hours flight at LAX, there are some great eateries to satisfy your late night cravings scattered throughout the city. You can find everything from authentic Pad Thai topped with all your favorite fixins’ to hidden treasured taco trucks nestled in between LA’s towering superstructures. All you need is some cash and some good recommendations, of course. Check out our roundup of the best restaurants open late in Los Angeles for your next nighttime nosh.

El Chato

One of the most authentic taco trucks in Los Angeles has been serving for several years now, bringing some of the best bite sized tacos to the streets of W. Olympic Blvd and La Brea. Fixed with all the traditional menu items of any good taco truck, El Chato welcomes the late night crowd staggering in with five dollars in their pocket after midnight. Five bucks will get you a plate of five different tacos to get you through another couple hours at the bar. If you’re looking for something cheap and open during the crucial midnight munch hours, El Chato hits the spot.

The Halal Guys

On Wilshire Blvd in the heart of LA, this Halal Guys location is a great restaurant open until midnight. Bringing you plates of your favorite flavored gyros, the Halal Guys (and their famous chicken) offer a taste of American halal food at its finest. The portions here are pretty big, so come prepared with an empty stomach. Make sure to try their new Eggplant Hummus which is a blend of roasted eggplant mixed with a smooth imported sesame paste and finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Jones Hollywood

This Italian pizzeria in West Hollywood is known for their traditional Hollywood vibe that comes through in their checkered tablecloths and leather booths. With cocktails inspired by Keith Moon and Janis Joplin and spicy sausage pizzas spun down to the perfect thinness, Jones Hollywood doesn’t just offer a little taste of Italy but also a little taste of Hollywood. Come for the late night happy hour or pick up a quick pizza if you’re just looking for some of the best late night food in LA. Don’t forget a slice of their famous apple pie.

101 Coffee Shop

This Hollywood landmark embodies the 60s vibe and has been here for decades serving fresh coffee and homestyle cooking to anyone still up in Los Angeles after midnight. The ambience of the diner takes you away to another era, while their comfort food and coffee set the mood for a simple, hearty experience. Grab a seat at one of the vintage brown chairs, sip on a fresh coffee and ask for the newspaper while you embrace the diner’s “Madmen” retro feel.

Toi on Sunset

One of the most unique Thai food spots in Los Angeles, Toi on Sunset’s homage to Hollywood’s movie stars and rock bands is clearly seen through the decor and artwork when you first lay eyes on the place. Providing cultural and culinary pleasures for their guests, Toi on Sunset serves Thai dishes that are made fresh to order, and the combination of flavors along with the collection of historical photographs make the spot one of the most interesting restaurants open late in Los Angeles. Not only do they have daily Thai fixes, but they also make up some of their own desserts like matcha green tea cheesecake or mint gelato.

BCD Tofu House

Having 13 locations scattered around the country, BCD Tofu House is a late night Korean tofu experience with quality food that you can taste in each freshly made bowl. They offer over five different types of tofu, and there is also a wide variety of selected meat dishes you can choose from. Things like the Hot-Stone Bulgogi paired with their Dumpling Soon Tofu will leave your stomach satisfied for the rest of the night. Not into tofu? This restaurant might persuade you otherwise.

Fred 62

With new business hours, Fred 62 is finally open until midnight all seven days of the week. Having provided their city with a unique concept of diner food, the owners here have been happy to recently celebrate their 20th anniversary of serving their community. Not only does their funky diner exude a retro hipster vibe, but the chefs are committed to creating dishes that are innovative and something you’d want to come back for again. They’re known for dishes like their LA-style pan pizzas and their famous Mac n’ Cheese Balls – so the next time you’re in, be prepared for a modern twist on diner food.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

Founded by Herb Hudson, Roscoe’s has been Hollywood’s known staple for soul food in California since 1975. People come from all around to embrace their famous Chicken and Waffles – some of the most tasty Southern fried chicken and homemade waffles one will find in the city. Although some locations are closed by 8 p.m., there are specific locations scattered across Los Angeles that are open until midnight for those having late night maple syrup and chicken cravings.

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