Who has the best pastries in San Diego?

Who has the best pastries in San Diego?
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When in doubt, visit aesthetic coffee shops to find the best pastries in San Diego. Places like Garden Coffee and Communal Coffee partner with two of the best bakeries in the city, and of course the pastries look and taste how a morning in Paris should. From strawberry galettes and flavorful muffins to experimental croissants and Mexican pastries, San Diego has a colorful culture of morning desserts. If you binge the “Great British Baking Show” on repeat or love to experiment with puff pastry, then put these bakeries on your foodie bucket list. Read on for a list of San Diego’s best pastries made by some of the best bakeries in California.

Petite Madeline Bakery

What could be more French than sugar-dusted buns and palmier cookies? Petite Madeline Bakery sits mere blocks from the Oceanside Pier. If you don’t try their tarts topped with fresh fruit, you’ll regret it. Everything here is made from scratch, and they also offer a wide selection of savory breakfast items.

Sugar and Scribe

Of course, La Jolla has unparalleled pastries. Sugar and Scribe serves up freshly made pastries each day along with custom cakes, artisanal bread and more. Food Network Champion Chef Maeve launched the bakery to fame, going on to win awards like 2017 Best Bakery. Nibble on the scrumptious petit fours to feel like a certified Francophile.

SPLIT Bakehouse

Pastries often leave vegans behind in favor of easier and more familiar recipes, but not SPLIT Bakehouse, a bakery dedicated exclusively to vegan pastries as of 2021. The monthly rotating menu never disappoints, and their colorful treats often include croissants, cookies, galettes, muffins, scones and more. All of SPLIT’s pastries use King Arthur Flour and they don’t use artificial ingredients to achieve the vibrant pastries. All ingredients are organic and natural. Order a pastry box for a Sunday treat with friends and family. Or horde them all for a day of sugar feasting. More often than not, you can’t taste the difference between vegan and traditional pastries. Sometimes the vegan ones even taste better.

Wayfarer Bread and Pastry

Bird Rock has lured foodie fiends for years, and many love Wayfarer Bread and

Pastry for their artisan fermented bread and strawberry pistachio croissants. They partner with a variety of local farmers to bring you fresh produce and quality ingredients. Check out Pizza Night if you’ve had enough pastry for the time being.

La Clochette Du Coin

It’s OK if you can’t pronounce it. You don’t need to speak French to enjoy the pastries here. La Clochette Du Coin rests in the heart of Pacific Beach and serves up some classic Parisian treats. Weekends have little gustatory surprises like inventive breads. In the mood for a hearty meal? Order a pastry and then select a savory item from their extensive menu. They named the bakehouse Hommage, the French spelling of homage.

Blackmarket Bakery

Don’t worry, there’s nothing nefarious about Blackmarket Bakery. Visit the North Park location for baked goods like light tarts, layer cakes and rich chocolate cookies. They also serve Dark Horse Coffee and a few savory options. They take their motto, “by hand, from scratch,” seriously, and ensure that customers receive only the best homemade products. Strip it down to the essentials and try the Flourless Mudslide Cookie, made from only walnuts, cocoa powder, egg whites, vanilla and powdered sugar.

Starry Lane Bakery

Anyone allergic to absolutely everything? Starry Lane Bakery is a must for you. Born from the minds of two sisters – one with life-threatening food allergies – all of the bakery’s products are Top 10 allergen-free. Starry Lane values the health and safety of their customers, and they achieve that through transparency and delicious food.

Hazel & Jade Bakery

This plant-based bakery and cafe based in San Diego’s Hillcrest offers an entirely vegan menu with a few gluten-free options. They serve coffee, pastries and cakes seven days a week. Order a custom cake for a special event, and you may collapse at the sight of its magnificence or the splendor of its taste. Try the almond croissant for a trip to pastry heaven.

Panchita’s Bakery

Head over to Barrio Logan, Golden Hill or City Heights to experience a traditional panadería. Come take a bite out of Panchita’s Mexican pastries. This bakery, open since 1983, serves colorful, freshly baked unicorn conchas which are a must-try.


A blend of French pastry and Cuban dessert, Azúcar serves up an inventive menu that includes a selection of gluten-free pastries, mini desserts, meat pies, cakes and more. Vivian Hernandez-Jackson fulfilled her lifelong dream through Azúcar.

Relic Bageri

Samantha Bird’s micro bakery based in San Diego’s North Park began serving classic pastries, breads and more in 2021. Bird started Relic as a side hustle during the pandemic, but dreamed of turning it into a brick and mortar bakery that works with local farmers. You can find Bird’s pastries, inspired by European old world techniques, at Communal Coffee.

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