What is the best coffee shop in Hong Kong for getting some work done?

What is the best coffee shop in Hong Kong for getting some work done?
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These days, you might be looking for a coffee shop in Hong Kong for more than just a cup of joe. The pandemic has hit and shifted many of our jobs from offices to working from home for the sake of our health and safety. However, many who are easily distracted and have poor concentration find it difficult to work from home. Especially in the small flats in Hong Kong – it is a tall order to survive your whole work day at home. Plus, working from home every day can also make for a difficult time keeping a healthy work and life balance.

That’s why many Hong Kongers are keen to search for a cafe or coffee shop in Hong Kong with the perks needed to get their work done, like a comfortable ambience, unlimited coffee and free Wi-Fi. We have found some of the best coffee shops in Hong Kong that offer reliable (and even free) Wi-Fi and sufficient sockets to rival your own office and allow you to work smoothly with few distractions.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks coffee shop in Hong Kong
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Any list of coffee shops in Hong Kong is bound to include Starbucks Coffee, where you will always find people burying their heads in their laptops and typing away. With more than 200 locations scattered all over the city, finding a Starbucks near you is not difficult. Their speedy Wi-Fi and ample sockets for charging devices allow people to sit for hours sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying a piece of cheesecake until they have finished their work. If you’re pressed to get straight into your work, you can skip the line by ordering and paying ahead using the Starbucks Hong Kong app.

Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee Company Hong Kong
Source: Wikimedia Commons, EMBU

Move over Starbucks, and make way for Pacific Coffee. This Hong Kong coffee shop chain was established in 1992 and is the leading coffee chain in Asia. Pacific Coffee is perfectly suited for coffee lovers needing to do remote work or unwind after a busy day.

Aside from coffee, Pacific Coffee offers sweet frozen drinks and savory snacks (like their Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken and Bacon) that you can munch on while working on an essay, organizing spreadsheets or typing out your next novel. Sign up for their membership club for discounts and perks like two free 60-minute Wi-Fi sessions upon request. With reliable Wi-Fi and abundant sockets, you’ll meet your productivity goals without a hitch.

Elephant Grounds

Are you a person who is more motivated to work in a rather aesthetic working environment? If so, Elephant Grounds will boost your motivation levels with the outdoor seating in its Causeway Bay, Star Street and K11 locations. Surrounded by leafy green plants and sophisticated wooden sitting areas, the natural vibe will boost your productivity while keeping you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. When describing their concept, they explain that “each shop is uniquely designed into an urban oasis to offer visitors a sense of respite from their busy day.”

Elephant Grounds not only offers a wide range of locally roasted brews but also teas and alcoholic drinks. If you are hungry, there are plenty of brunch options (and desserts!) for you to savor while working. They offer an all-day menu featuring seasonal and premium Japanese ingredients as well as freshly prepared pastries. You’ll find excellent access to Wi-Fi and sockets for recharging at the Star Street, Causeway Bay and Mid-Levels branches. Bonus point – their Causeway Bay and Roastery branches are dog-friendly complete with a dog menu, so you might even get to pet a cute doggo while working!

NOC Coffee Co.

With its spacious, minimalist and unique interior design, NOC (Not Only Coffee) Coffee is a hub for those wanting to work remotely in a pristine environment where the air is filled with roasted coffee beans. The Sai Ying Pun branch of NOC Coffee is particularly popular among coffee and cafe lovers, and there are plenty of seats to settle in comfortably. Their strong Wi-Fi connection for laptop warriors is a plus.

What’s special about this cafe is its open bean roasting area, which allows for a transparent experience as you watch professional baristas preparing the coffees on-site. In addition to coffee, there is a swanky brunch menu including an all-day breakfast for just $HK148 and dishes like the energizing Buddha Bowl, featuring figs, chickpeas, pumpkin, quinoa and and handful of other veggies finished with a homemade sesame sauce. There are a number of vegan options as well, so you can’t go wrong.

Tuckshop by Social Club

Another one of the best coffee shops in Hong Kong can also be found in Sai Ying Pun – that’s Tuckshop by Social Club. This coffee place is ideal if you are looking for a coworking space with others who are also immersed in their own projects. Inside, you will find a spacious sitting area with long tables and tall ceilings. Coupled with swift Wi-Fi and a myriad power sockets, you can rest assured that you’ll finish your work in this Hong Kong cafe with no trouble.

To pair with your coffee are a variety of light dishes like pancakes, quinoa, salads and avocado toast. Get the best of both worlds with their Ying Yang, a coffee tea beverage which combines both espresso and Earl Grey. For this drink, they recommend “instead of adding milk, a hard shake will aerate the liquid and create a smooth creamy sensation.”

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