Plan a relaxing getaway in the western New Territories, Hong Kong

Plan a relaxing getaway in the western New Territories, Hong Kong
Source: Wikimedia Commons, Matthias Süßen

Are you looking for some peace and quiet amid the continuous hustle and bustle of Hong Kong? Need a getaway from the buzzing city centers of Mong Kok and Causeway Bay? It may be time to plan a relaxing getaway in the western New Territories. We have three picks that offer some much needed tranquillity in this part of the region. Retreat to nature and escape in the hidden beauty of the western New Territories in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Wetland Park – Tin Shui Wai

One of the city’s prized and protected ecotourism facilities is Hong Kong Wetland Park. This park boasts a 60 hectare Wetland Reserve and a 10,000 square-meter visitor center. The Wetland Reserve functions as a habitat for a wide range of wetland creatures including mudskippers, fiddler crabs, water birds and more.

Aside from wetland species, you will spot lively insects including an array of colorful butterflies in the Butterfly Garden. Bird lovers will love the Wetland Park for the variety of birds found at its birdwatch towers. One wetland creature you’re sure to see is Pui Pui, Wetland Park’s very own crocodile celebrity.

Once you are tired and sweaty after walking all around the park in the summer heat, you can cool off in the visitor center. Walk around informative exhibition galleries highlighting the importance of biodiversity and wetland conservation. An indoor theater awaits you for screening short, informative nature films. Kids can visit the fun swamp-style indoor play area while you grab yourself a quick meal from the cafes. We recommend you visit the park’s website to plan your trip ahead of time.

Ha Pak Nai – Lau Fau Shan

Near Tin Shui Wai is Ha Pak Nai, a place for both sunset fanatics and ardent hikers. After getting off at the last stop from minibus No. 33 (or arriving by taxi), you will enter a village area that brings back memories of old Hong Kong. Brick houses surrounded by fences and a cha chaan teng where most visitors gather for a quick bite offer bucolic vibes.

Walk around and explore the area’s historic monuments including a fortified structure which served as a base of operations during the late Qing revolutionary movement. After walking for about 10 minutes, you will reach the spotlight of Ha Pak Nai – a long stretch of mangrove beach with mud flats and reflective waters, perfect for some Instagram-worthy sunset pictures. Rest on the beach with friends or loved ones while enjoying the picturesque sunset views overlooking the Deep Bay and the distant skyline of Shenzhen.

For hikers, you need to venture a little more into the village to find the entrance/exit of Ha Pak Nai’s hiking trail, Pineapple Hill, which stretches from Tuen Mun to the west coast of the New Territories. You can also choose to start the trail from Tuen Mun and end it with a sunset at Ha Pak Nai. Along the trail, enjoy the scenic view of Shenzhen and some interesting rock formations.

Nam Sang Wai – Yuen Long

Nam Sang Wai is a notable retreat to the nature that the New Territories has to offer. Famous for its eucalyptus trees and the wood pier at the pond, Nam San Wai is undeniably Instagrammable.

Many visitors choose to rent a bike in Yuen long before heading to Nam San Wai. The bike path starts at a road nearby Yuen Long Railway Station and goes until you reach the Shan Pui river. You have to cross the river by boat to reach your destination. In Nam San Wai, you’ll see a path of tall Red Gum trees lined on both sides and a fish pond with the famous wood pier; also called the “wedding dress bridge,” where many couples come to take their wedding photos and is a popular spot for bird watching.

There is a grassland which is perfect for a picnic with family and friends and an open space to walk your dog, take pictures or just lie down and enjoy nature’s vibe. Afterward, head over to Yoho Mall in Yuen Long for a bite to eat and some shopping. Ending your cycling day with a shopping sesh makes for the perfect combo.

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