How to spend a day at The Mills in Hong Kong

How to spend a day at The Mills in Hong Kong
Source: The Mills

For many people, a visit to Hong Kong often involves eating in Mong Kok, shopping in Causeway Bay and Central, checking out unique-themed cafes or going island hopping. However, the city also has a ton of cultural experiences to offer, like Hong Kong’s vibrant arts scene. To fully experience the city’s creative community’s works, one can visit The Mills, where you will be immersed in a remarkable showcase of Hong Kong’s art, culture and heritage.

The Mills in Hong Kong is one of the prominent, yet underrated, heritage buildings in the city. Formerly a 1950s textiles mill in Tsuen Wan, it was revamped into a design and creative hub that promotes the development of creative industries in Hong Kong while preserving the heritage and history of the building.

Today, The Mills in Hong Kong is frequented by locals and tourists alike. This big contemporary arts space is brimming with retail shops, unique eateries, a rooftop decorated in different artistic styles and numerous aesthetic spots for your Instagram photos.

Attractions at The Mills in Hong Kong


Source: Cat’s Cradle, The Mills

Along Pak Tin Par Lane is a long stretched mural painted by six local artists which represents the past, present and the future of The Mills. The six artworks are dedicated to pay homage to the textile factory’s rich and colorful history and its endeavors for being a creative space for artists. The meticulously painted details and the vibrant use of colors make the artwork serve as the perfect backdrop for your pictures.

Wavy Weaving Wall

The wavy weaving wall on the rooftop of The Mills is another vibrant artwork by a local artist. It was inspired by the textile industry and the personal stories of those involved. The wall is made up of more than 6000 aluminum tiles put together, trying to mimic a big fabric. Look closely, because on some tiles, there are QR codes. Upon scanning them, visitors can listen to various stories and learn more about the past of The Mills.

Where to shop at The Mills

The Common Ground

At The Common Ground, you will find an array of meticulously crafted products ranging from bags to accessories to masks, badges and more. You can also find products from other brands like Coconut Matter and Purpose Jewellery. The Common Ground focuses on sustainability in their products by discovering materials that can be recycled and upcycled. Each product and brand showcased is carefully sourced, guaranteeing it is environmentally friendly and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Connecting creativity, sustainability and innovation, The Common Ground has a “Garment to Garment” project where old textiles are recycled to make new apparel, promoting a zero-waste lifestyle for its patrons. Join their workshops to get hands-on experience on designing a product using recycled and sustainable materials.

Wellness Lab by Upmood

To promote wellness and mindfulness, Wellness Lab by Upmood is a space designed for mind, body and spirit. In this experiential shop, you can try out various methods of winding down stress from aromatherapy to collagen treatment and meditation. If you are looking to take the relaxing experience home with you, their products – like crystals, essential oils and even devices like Upmood, which tracks your moods and helps you understand your emotions – are available for purchase.


Pimary is a sustainable lifestyle shop where you can find products from different sustainable brands. The myriad products include skin care from The Herb Farm, organic tea from Love Tea, eco-friendly and minimalistically designed kitchenware from Ecology and sustainable bamboo fiber sanitary pads from Tsuno. Shop at this sustainable skin care and homewares distributor to discover green alternatives for your daily-use products like metal straws and bamboo toothbrushes.

Tsuen Wan restaurants at The Mills


If you are looking to have a nice brunch with your friends, Fleur offers the perfect artisan dining for a delicious and colorful brunch. This flower-themed, Aussie-style brunch diner has a signature style that includes adding edible fresh flowers to its dishes. Be it a special occasion like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or simply a brunch with your friends, you can brunch in style at Fleur.

Between Haru

Between Haru is a cafe offering an assortment of Japanese and Korean-style bakery goods, light meals, tea and coffee. Adding twists of their own, their recipes sometimes include edible florals or the use of unique ingredients which one wouldn’t normally think of. The clean white walls and oak-wood furniture give off an earth-toned aesthetic, allowing patrons to enjoy a pleasant ambience of “scenery on table.” Between Haru also offers baking workshops guided by Japanese or Korean instructors, teaching you how to achieve the perfect styling and handicrafting techniques on your own pastries.

Wong Pai Bing Sutt

Aiming to represent and preserve the traditional culture of “bing sutt” (a type of traditional coffee house) in Hong Kong, Wong Pai Bing Sutt at The Mills provides authentic local food, bringing back the nostalgia of the old days. Staying close to their roots as well as coming up with new fusion dishes, you will find traditional Chinese meals like char siu rice as well as new styles of beverages including Chinese tea mixed with Boba. So, head up to Wong Pai Bing Sutt for some comfort food while reminiscing about older times with friends and family.

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