Try not to scream at these upcoming horror movies and thrillers

Try not to scream at these upcoming horror movies and thrillers
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We’ve previously recommended a list of blockbuster movies to occupy your summer to-watch schedule. Hungry for more? We’ve got you covered. For horror fans and those looking for something that goes bump in the night, here are some upcoming horror movies and thrillers that will make you want to sleep with your lights on. So, grab some popcorn and your bravest friend, and watch these upcoming horror movies that will leave you seriously creeped out.


What would you do if you could relive your past? In a futuristic war-infested Miami, climate change has left the city flooded and nearly inhabitable, and people have lost all hope. A scientist named Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), along with his trusted partner, Watts, has a business which helps their clients relive specific memories of their choice. But when he meets a woman named Mae, everything in his life changes. One day, Mae disappears. In a frantic search for her, the question Bannister asks slowly transitions from “where is she?” to “who, really, is she?”

Love is addictive. The past is even more so. Will Bannister be able to march forward with his head held high, or will he forever be sunken into his broken past indulging in a forgone fantasy?

“The Protégé”

“The Protégé” brings together Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Maggie Q, playing the main character of Anna Dutton. Years after taking in orphaned Anna from the scene of a massacre in Saigon and training her as an assassin, Moody Dutton is brutally murdered. This fuels rage in his beloved protégé, and she embarks on a journey of avenging his death. This movie is packed with speeding cars, explosions and nonstop fighting as well as an intriguing plot – everything an action-thriller fan is looking for.


Don’t mistake “Candyman” for something sweet. The Candyman is a legend of a supernatural murderer who is summoned and kills people who repeat his name into a mirror five times. With three films already in the “Candyman” series, he returns yet again to haunt those who dare to summon him.

This sequel to the 1992 “Candyman” is written by Jordan Peele. Peele’s directorial debut “Get Out” was a huge success and became an instant favorite of many horror fans. This time around, he presents us with his long awaited supernatural slasher film. Originally scheduled to be released last summer, the film was postponed due to COVID-19. “Candyman” is finally rescheduled to release this year on August 27.

The sequel follows an artist eager to explore grisly details of the legendary murders in his paintings. As Universal Pictures describes, he “unknowingly [opens] a door to a complex past that unravels his own sanity and unleashes the terrifyingly viral wave of violence that puts him on a collision course with his destiny.”


The King of Horror returns! “Malignant” is a horror thriller movie directed by James Wan, the creator of “The Conjuring” and “Saw” franchises. Madison, played by Annabelle Wallis, starts seeing visions of strangers being murdered in real time. With nothing but a name – Gabriel – she sets out to find who, or what, is behind these tormenting images. As Madison learns more from her mother, who is reluctant to share her secrets of the past, she is destined for the fight for her life.

Will Madison succeed in protecting herself and her loved ones from Gabriel and the paranormal powers he harnesses? Find out when this movie releases on September 10.

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