Where can you chow down on the best steak in Hong Kong?

Where can you chow down on the best steak in Hong Kong?
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We recently introduced a few restaurants with excellent beef short ribs for all you meat lovers. But let’s not stop there. There are so many amazing steakhouses in Hong Kong, you’re sure to satisfy your craving for a juicy steak somewhere in the city.

Nothing beats a classic steak and potato meal. It’s a dish that’s graced the menus of restaurants all over the world for as long as we can remember. The following steakhouses in Hong Kong must not be overlooked on your quest for the perfect steak. So make a reservation, and prepare yourself for the shining star of beef – steak.

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

Located within Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, this steakhouse is the star restaurant among the chain’s handful of five-star hotels. From the dimly lit reception area on the ground floor to its lavishly furnished dining rooms, the restaurant gives off a regal vibe.

Choose from a selection of prime cuts from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia plus a sauce to complement the cut. The green peppercorn and brandy sauce is a hot pick, but the classic red wine jus also has plenty of fans. Dining at the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse may be more expensive than your average meal, but the exceptional quality, the swanky environment and top-notch service make it all worth it.

Your juicy steak is cooked exactly the way you want – be it rare, medium-rare or well done. A Popsicle stick is part of the presentation, confirming the correct temperature of the steak. If you happen to not be a red meat lover, they offer a plethora of seafood dishes like Canadian lobster or Patagonian toothfish. Or you could get down with a handful of sides like roasted Brussels sprouts, macaroni and cheese or truffled French fries.

Address: G/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai

Top Blade Steak Lab

If your wallet is sweating but your hungry stomach is rumbling for steak, don’t worry – more affordable steakhouses are on the way. Top Blade Steak Lab is not as upscale as the Grand Hyatt, but its popularity speaks for itself. Different from traditional steakhouses, Top Blade specializes in flat iron steaks.

Top Blade is perfect for meat lovers looking for quality, affordable steaks. The Flat Iron Steak served with roasted whole garlic and fresh rosemary only costs HK$160 (US$20). If this doesn’t already sound like heaven, wait until you hear about their unlimited truffle fries! They are served piping hot, so be careful not to burn your tongue as you chuck them in. A reminder, though – Top Blade is a popular restaurant with limited tables, so it’s best if you make a reservation beforehand.

The Grill Room

The Grill Room shouldn’t be a stranger to meat lovers in Hong Kong because it is rather famous. They have two prime locations, one in Causeway Bay and the other in Tsim Sha Tsui. A lot of their grilled items are hot picks, like the Angus Rib Eye or the Tomahawk Steak Set.

The Grill Room isn’t exactly super budget-friendly, but it’s not unaffordable. A full lamb rack costs HK$488 (US$63) and a half-rack will run just HK$268 (US$35). Reasonable prices, right? Insider tip – if you make a reservation via Eatigo, you can snag discounts of up to 50% off.

Mini Friday

TGIF, but you have no idea where to hang with your best mates on a Friday night? Mini Friday may just be the perfect place for you to wine and dine. With many outlets in the most crowded places in Hong Kong such as Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, it’s famous for its variety of dishes and relatively cheap Western food.

Aside from the grilled Australian rib eye with black truffle gravy, their beef Wellington is a hit with customers. Their lamb racks are seasoned on point. If you want something more personalized, you can DIY your own pasta. Pair angel hair or linguine with pesto or black truffle and cream sauce. If the standard pasta toppings of chicken fillet or duck breast aren’t your preference, add on other ingredients like salmon or even foie gras.

If you can’t decide which dish you want the most, opt instead for their semi-buffet for a taste of everything. Got a sweet tooth like us? Be sure to add on their daily special dessert for a bargain price.

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