Get a taste of local culture at these 3 cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong

Get a taste of local culture at these 3 cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong
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If you were not born and raised in Hong Kong, you probably aren’t familiar with cha chaan teng food. Cha chaan teng literally means “tea restaurant” in English. These Hong Kong-style cafes are very popular with locals. Cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong usually serve quick and affordable food, and they build up a certain crowd of supporters. We’ve rounded up three cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong you should check out for a quick meal to get a true taste of Hong Kong culture.

Australia Dairy Company

The Australia Dairy Company is arguably one of the best cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong. Despite having “Australia" in the name, the restaurant is actually full of Hong Kong elements and not at all Western. Here you’ll find Hong Kong-style meals, including a commonly seen breakfast set – macaroni with ham and fried or scrambled eggs served with sliced bread. Before the pandemic, it was not uncommon to see a long line of people waiting outside Australia Dairy company in the morning.

This is a good choice for a quick meal, as this spot operates like a short order restaurant. Aside from breakfast, regular customers also recommend ordering their steamed milk dessert. The semi-sweet silky slightly solid texture of the steamed milk makes this a signature dish that Hong Kong locals love.

Address: 47 Parkes Street, Jordan

Times Cafe

Times Cafe will take you back in time to nostalgic memories of old Hong Kong. With white tiles and neon lights, this restaurant is not only an interphase between old and new times, it is also a fusion of the Eastern cha chaan teng and Western cafe culture.

Its famous tea set makes use of an afternoon tea cake stand, but in lieu of finger sandwiches and tiramisu, they serve Hong Kong-style French toast and jumbo sausages. Or you can try their baked pork chop fried rice if you are looking for something different. The prices are affordable as well, costing only around HK$50 for a set.

Address: G/F, Princess Mansion, 165-175 King’s Road, North Point

Tai O Tak Fat

Tai O Tak Fat is another favorite among cha chaan teng in Hong Kong when it comes to breakfast. The breakfast sets offer Danish toast topped with molten butter, instead of plain sliced bread. Of course, breakfast isn’t the only option at Tai O Tak Fat. There are plenty of choices for lunch and dinner.

Tai O Tak Fat is famous for their deep fried dishes such as deep fried tofu and deep fried squid. Regulars also suggest ordering the grilled chicken thigh served with teriyaki sauce. Even though Tai O Tak Fat is a cha chaan teng, don’t overlook their seafood dishes. Costing only around HK$100 per person for dinner, you won’t break the bank eating here, either.

Address: G/F, Ying Wong House, 153 King’s Road, North Point

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