The Sheung Wan Farmers Market in Hong Kong

The Sheung Wan Farmers Market in Hong Kong
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If you are looking for the best organic produce and appreciate a detailed explanation of food products before buying them, a farmers market is a good place to start. Opening for the first time this October, the Sheung Wan Farmers Market in Hong Kong connects producers directly with consumers.

The market ran from October 4-10 (Monday to Sunday) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. But, don’t fret if you missed it! They are hoping to run the market the first week of each month. So be on the lookout for upcoming announcements and events.

The Sheung Wan Farmers Market provides a place for producers and consumers to interact and learn from each other. Currently featuring 15 vendors, the market offers organic vegetables and fruits from Hong Kong and Europe and various artisan foods like traditional Chinese snacks, keto pastries, floral teas, veggie sauces, sourdough bread, slow-cooked meats, popcorns, juices and more. This market allows you to really get to know what (and from whom) you are purchasing.

With the slogan “farm with heart, produce with heart, share with heart and enjoy with heart,” the market connects the health-conscious community within Hong Kong with local producers. Visitors are welcome to join or start collaborations for workshops, and upcoming activities providing various interactive experiences will be announced soon.

This event is hosted by various organic-based businesses and social enterprises, including Green at Heart, Sisterpeer, Healthy Express, Soveg, BNB Healthcare 360, Noble Garden, Home Feast and One Bite A Time.

Many experts substantiate the benefits of organic produce. According to Jay Cowin, ASYSTEM’s registered nutritionist and Director of Formulations, “Organic produce contains fewer chemicals than conventionally grown produce. That means there is less chance of ingesting harmful chemicals and pesticides when people eat organic food.”

“Organic food typically has more nutrients than conventional produce,” Cowin also points out.

Daivat Dholakia, VP of Operations at Essenvia, agrees. “[Organic produce is] beneficial for us, as well as the environment. Organic farming is proving to be more sustainable than modern monocrop farming, which is a concern that affects the entire world.”

Why wouldn’t you want to choose something healthier for both your body and the environment? Located near exit A2 of Sheung Wan, the market is held indoors in a “comfortable environment” with a “human touch,” as explained by organizers. With free entrance fees, we’re excited for the next opening of the Sheung Wan Farmers Market. Keep an eye on their socials for upcoming announcements.

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