Eat your heart out at some of the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong

Eat your heart out at some of the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong
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Where else can you best satisfy your craving for garlic, tomatoes, pasta and fresh herbs than at some of the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong? Rest assured, Hong Kong lives up to its reputation as Asia’s dining mogul when it comes to Italian restaurants. The competition is ruthless among eateries in Hong Kong, a city with exorbitant rents and vast choices when it comes to cuisine.

It’s difficult for restaurants to survive past their first year, unless the location and culinary offerings pique local interest. Packed with fresh produce, warm carbohydrates and flavors that never fail to bring you gustatory joy, Italian food in Hong Kong features Neapolitan pizza, seafood, tiramisu and more.

In order to rank among the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong, each needs a tantalizing take on this classic fare. From institutions hoarding Michelin stars to rustic neighborhood hot spots, those considered among the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong boast both luxury and comfort. Join our culinary exploration of Italian food in Asia’s favorite city for foodies. No matter which area of the city you choose to investigate, you’ll likely find one of the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong somewhere in the neighborhood.


Hand-rolled pasta made fresh daily arrives on your plate dashed with tasty sauces and beautiful garnishes at Pici. Self-proclaimed as “straightforward and down-to-earth Italian pasta,” Pici’s pasta bar gives you a simple meal made with quality ingredients. Italians value hearty meals deftly executed and consumed with care. So, come and savor each bite at one of Pici’s Hong Kong locations (Wan Chai, Central and Kennedy Town).

Perhaps one of the only Italian restaurants that won’t bankrupt those with modest incomes, Pici’s curates a rotating carb-based menu, which currently includes a classic lasagna, a ravioli stuffed with octopus and a freshly-made pasta of the day. Order the tiramisu or the raspberry panna cotta for a cool dose of sugar to top off your meal.

Most foodies haunted by a gluten allergy will avoid Italian food, but Pici’s can substitute gluten-free pasta when requested. Don’t bother about dressing for the occasion. The laid-back atmosphere makes for a relaxing night out with family or friends.

Theo Mistral

Renowned British chef Theo Randall brought arguably one of the best Italian restaurants in Hong Kong to Tsim Sha Tsui. The fine dining experience won’t intimidate once you’ve sat down among friendly staff and are enjoying the comfort Italian food they set on your table.

While simplicity might not be the name of Theo Mistral, quality certainly is. Each dish deserves praise for its creative embellishments upon classic recipes. Wine lists, seasonal ingredients and specials all personally curated by Chef Randall grace the menu. Even if you aren’t particularly fond of pasta (a crime, to be sure), he has also created a new selection of antipasti and aperitivi.

Menu standouts include Amalfi lemon tart, made-to-order Italian pizza and roasted lamb chop. If you can’t stand the thought of dressing up for a meal, try the gourmet take-away options.

Address: B2, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, 70 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Come to the second floor of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong for Grissini’s namesake, the freshly baked breadsticks (and maybe a main course if you haven’t eaten your weight in said breadsticks). While Grissini offers the usual suspects when it comes to Italian food, each menu item has a modern spin.

Chef Marcello Scognamiglio hails from Naples, the southern Campania region of Italy, and brought with him a distinctly Mediterranean taste. Please resist the urge to raid the two-story wine cellar covered head to toe in Vinotheque.

Address: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbor Road

208 Duecento Otto

JIA Group’s 208 Duecento Otto, a two-story Italian restaurant and bar, specializes in Neapolitan pizzas with puffy crusts bearing crispy battle scars from a traditional stone oven. The distinct smell of excess flour scorched in flames will draw any fan of Italian food from a block away at least.

You might mistake the classy pizzeria for a penthouse in one of the world’s most glamorous cities, but 208 Duecento Otto belongs to the neighborhood and its hungry people. Come to the lower level for a casual evening of tapas and drinks, and ascend to the second floor for a fine dining experience.

Begin with artisanal cured meats and cheeses, and then order the generously seasoned pizzas with a glass of prosecco. If you’ve decided to pass on pizza for the evening, go with the Black Truffle Ravioli, a rich dish stuffed with Parmesan cheese and mascarpone.

Address: 208 Hollywood Rd, Central


Seeking out a beloved neighborhood trattoria? Check out this Italian restaurant located in a chic alley. We present to you LucAle, with its no-nonsense food and delicious flavors. The atmosphere feels almost secretive, with dark interiors and dim lighting. Founded by four gourmands, LucAle is an ode to the taste of Italy with its prime ingredients and creative recipes.

LucAle’s standout menu items include a crème brûlée served with tarragon and coffee gelato, fresh lamb celebrated with raspberries, figs and cauliflower cream and homemade pappardelle complimented with Bolognese ragu. The talents of Chef Alessandro Angelini and Chef Luca de Berardinis come together to serve a variety of healthy dishes made with local and sustainable elements. Don’t forget to visit the subterranean gin parlor.

Address: Shop A, 100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun

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