De-stress at these CBD cafes in Hong Kong

De-stress at these CBD cafes in Hong Kong
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We all know what it's like to have a stressful day at work or in life, and just need a quick boost with some relaxation to boot. If this sounds like you, well, we've got some good news. Hong Kong is home to some CBD cafes to help you energize and destress at the same time.

TMS spoke with Andrea Chapman, the marketing manager at Nature and Bloom (a cannabis resource), about the joyous blend of CBD and coffee. Chapman explains, “CBD coffee, to simply put, is plain coffee blended with cannabidiol.”

“CBD itself is a natural way in improving your focus and productivity. When added in coffee, it has a soothing effect that relaxes your brain, lessens your distractions and sharpens your mind,” says Chapman. “This helps stimulate the internal cannabinoid supply, and it modulates your attention, energy, focus and memory. It also regulates other body functions like your mood, sleep quality, pain tolerance and your appetite.”

“CBD is one of the primary non-psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant” that “does not get you high,” further explains Heather Hanks, a nutritionist with USA Rx. So, there are no worries about drinking CBD coffee if you are curious about the benefits of cannabis but not looking to get on Snoop Dogg’s level. We’ve rounded up some top CBD cafes in Hong Kong you can head to next time you’re looking to grab a cup.

Elephant Grounds

Elephant Grounds, founded in Hong Kong in 2013, “is a specialty coffee shop and all round brunch destination.” With the motto of “Coffee ‘N Chill,”  Elephant Grounds provides a memorable experience to customers through homegrown coffee and a coffee-loving environment. Starting small but continuously growing, Elephant Grounds now has multiple locations in Hong Kong and has also expanded its franchise to foreign countries. Partnering with Liquid Life from Life CBD to add CBD that “dissolves easily into water-based food and beverages,” Elephant Grounds will add CBD by request to your favorite coffee drinks.


Found operates both as a CBD cafe and store, providing you not just with CBD coffee but with other products containing CBD for relaxation. Catering to your specific needs, Found provides recommendations of various products by benefit, brand and source farm. You’ll find options here to relieve pain, improve sleep, destress, improve well-being, and even care for your pets. Offering three brands of CBD, including one in-house, within a wide range of products, Found focuses on pairing you with just the right CBD product for your needs.

All of Found’s coffees include CBD (30mg), but you can ask to omit the CBD or can upgrade to 60mg for HK$20. Also, check out their line of CBD waters and CBD-infused energy balls and cookies.

Sofe Coffee

Committed to aesthetic designs of fresh coffee as well as the UN’s sustainable development goal #12, “responsible production and consumption,” Sofe Coffee offers quality, vegan coffees with the option for CBD. In addition to Sofe Coffee’s curated selection of coffees from Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya and Honduras, it has a “selection of CBD-infused products to help you ease in the world of cold brew coffee, reducing the nervousness and helping you focus better.” Sofe Coffee is also committed to zero waste, hence providing coffee in glass bottles to customers. After a long day, stop in during the evening for a CBD-infused beer.


Operating as Hong Kong’s first American-certified CBD adviser, Drip39 prides itself “on providing organic, premium-grade CBD on the market, along with (its) tea and coffee.” Drip 39 also “(works) with the local dairy suppliers and bakeries to source the freshest, highest quality offerings.” Equipped with comfortable seating and Wi-Fi, you can chill in the cafe or hang out on the patio with a brew. Aside from CBD coffees, teas, cookies, gummies and more, Drip39 also has an online store supplying CBD products for health, skin care, snacks and pet health as well.

Address: 39 Staunton Street, Central


Last on this list, but definitely not least, Elixir is a CBD cafe located in Sheung Wan that launched in June 2016. Working with Cubed CBD Hong Kong to provide CBD coffee, Elixir focuses on relaxation through the CBD coffees they provide and the design of its cafe. Featuring eye-catching artworks from unique artists, such as its current collaboration with Ling Muki and Aroid HK, Elixir heals the minds and eyes of customers. In fact, their motto is “cure everything.”

Address: 9 Mee Lun Street, Sheung Wan