Revamp your wardrobe at these 7 thrift stores in New York

Revamp your wardrobe at these 7 thrift stores in New York
Source: Ritual Vintage

Let 2022 be the year of sustainable fashion by shopping secondhand at thrift stores in New York this year to freshen up your wardrobe. Apart from being beneficial to the environment, especially compared to the mal-impact of fast fashion, shopping secondhand is usually easier on the wallet. On top of this, some of the pieces you find in these stores are retro and often unique.

In a city like New York, which is known for its fashion and university-level design programs – like those offered by Parsons, New York University (NYU) and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) – you’re pretty much guaranteed to find some of the chicest clothes.

Sure, Fifth Avenue is famous for its luxury retailers, but even the thrift stores and vintage shops in New York have so much to offer by way of distinctive, innovative looks. And with thrifted clothes, you don’t have to feel any sort of guilt about flipping them to make them more, well, you.

We’ve rounded up the best thrift stores in New York to get great finds without emptying your wallet. And, be sure that when you check these places out, you have enough space in your bag to bring all of your new clothes home.

No Relation Vintage – Gowanus, Brooklyn

thrift stores New York - No Relation Vintage
Source: LTrain Vintage

With two huge rooms, there’s so much to look through here in this former warehouse. You’ll find entire racks dedicated to white button-downs, flannels, jean jackets and maxi skirts here.

Mirrors are scattered throughout the store, so you can see how you look in what you find no matter where you are in the store. There are also fitting rooms, so you’re welcome to try on everything you’re considering buying before hopping in line.

Address: 654 Sackett St., Brooklyn

Bliss Vintage & Handmade – Sunnyside, Queens

What’s really cool about Bliss is that you can visit in person or pick a few pieces out online and purchase them virtually. So, even if you’re not in the city, you can still get the Bliss experience. Known for their “eclectic” collection – which you can browse on their Instagram – Bliss is easy to find based on their storefront alone.

A little nostalgic and a lot offbeat, you’ll want to come to this thrift store in New York if your taste in fashion has always leaned more toward the campy and eccentric.

Address: 41-03 46th St, Sunnyside

The Thrifty Hog – Rose Hill, Manhattan

The Thrifty Hog isn’t just a thrift store; it’s a thrift store with a purpose. This upscale resale boutique also serves as a training program for homeless mothers in the area. It’s nonprofit, and the proceeds also benefit these same mothers and their children.

The Thrifty Hog is the perfect spot to score some classic designer pieces you otherwise may not be able to afford. Offering clothing for both men and women, the Thrifty Hog also has a few new items for sale among the gently used and hand-picked vintage ones.

Address: 11 West 25th Street, Manhattan

Nothing New – Charleston, Staten Island

Staten Island often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to New York boroughs. Thankfully, though, it’s not short on worthwhile thrift shops. In their own words, “Thrifters are 4x more likely to have a kick-ass wardrobe than non-thrifters.” We’re not sure where they get their statistics, but we can’t disprove that.

With two floors, Nothing New is filled to the brim with everything you could possibly need, including aromatherapy tools and a book cafe. But, be careful when you visit because you just may spend your entire day spent in this neighborhood hangout.

Address: 4916 Arthur Kill Rd.

The Attic – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

New York thrift stores - The Attic
Source: The Attic

The Attic is a New York thrift store boasting a collection of “true vintage from every decade.” Also available for online shopping, this is a great shop to pop in or explore through their website. The Attic is all about sustainability. They refer to themselves as “the one-stop-shop for sustainable fashion.”

Their pieces are one-of-a-kind, and they aim to provide choices for all kinds of styles and unique tastes. Carrying both men’s and women’s fashions, this smaller store is great to visit for a few minutes if you’re in the area and just looking for one or two new pieces. They also offer online support and a 7-day return policy, which is unique for a thrift store, even in New York.

Address: 231 Grand Street, Brooklyn

Housing Works (2nd and 64th) – Lenox Hill, Manhattan

thrift stores New York - Housing Works
Source: Housing Works

Housing Works is an organization that’s been in the city since the 90s. Their mission is to help those affected by AIDS “through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses.” Some of those supporting businesses are thrift stores, like the one here in Manhattan. Currently, they are also offering virtual appointments so you can have a personal shopping experience without even coming in person.

They’ve also got other locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, so if you don’t find yourself on the Upper East Side, no worries. Selling everything from clothing to art to furniture, Housing Works is the place for finding some funky décor to go with the stylish additions to your wardrobe.

Address: 1222 2nd Ave., Manhattan

Ritual Vintage – Little Italy, Manhattan

thrift stores New York - Ritual Vintage
Source: Ritual Vintage

Since it opened its doors in 2006, Ritual Vintage has been a beloved little gem of downtown Manhattan. They specialize in eras from 1850 to the 1990s, with a heavy focus on finds from the 70s. The 1970s that is.

What’s really neat is that Ritual often supplies pieces for television and film productions in the city. And you can even rent a piece if you don’t feel like buying it. With a giant vintage denim collection and new items constantly on offer, stop by this cool New York thrift store for a blast from the past.

Address: 377 Broome St., Manhattan

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