Hong Kong sees new daily record of 56,827 COVID-19 cases

Hong Kong sees new daily record of 56,827 COVID-19 cases
Patients sleep at a makeshift coronavirus disease (COVID-19) treatment area, outside a hospital in Hong Kong, China March 1, 2022. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

The backstory:

  • When the pandemic started, the whole world was thrown into chaos. However, as it’s progressed, many developed nations have decided to live with the virus, while Hong Kong has adopted a zero-COVID-19 approach.
  • This has led to Hong Kong becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world and put it on the receiving end of quite a bit of scrutiny, especially from the business community, labeling the approach unsustainable and impractical.
  • Hong Kong is now in the middle of its fifth wave, seeing case numbers reaching record highs. The city has also imposed some of its harshest social distancing rules yet in an attempt to contain the outbreak.
  • Just two months ago, the region was living relatively virus-free. And now, cases surged to over 50,000.
  • There’s still a fair bit of chaos and confusion around how strict and how long lockdown will be when the city goes through mandatory mass testing in March. With this, explosive panic buying has erupted, with residents emptying supermarkets across the city.

The development:

  • Hong Kong saw over 56,827 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday. The city also announced 144 deaths.
  • As many as 500 testing centers will be set up across the city. Right now, there are only around 60, operated by the government and independent contractors.
  • The city’s leader Carrie Lam has still insisted that there will be no “wholesale” lockdown.

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