What’s Joe Biden’s Zoom setup like?

What’s Joe Biden’s Zoom setup like?
Source: Twitter

What does your video-call setup look like right now? Maybe it’s just your laptop, propped up by a couple of books. Maybe you splurged at some point and bought a webcam, a microphone or both. If you’re really fancy, you might even have a ring light or some sound dampening in your room.

Now imagine what that setup would look like if you were the leader of the free world. It kind of blows yours out of the water.

If you didn’t hear, President Biden recently got COVID, so he’s been doing more telework than usual lately. And in some photos, you can see his remote work setup, and it’s pretty awesome. He’s got something called a Neat Board, which is kind of like a big touchscreen TV with a whiteboard function, a built-in camera and microphone, and it’s perfect for video conferencing from, well, the Oval Office.

It also retails for a hefty chunk of change – nearly US$6,000. Oh, and that rollable stand Biden uses with the board? That’s another almost US$1,500, according to prices listed on the company’s website.

At the end of the day, though, Biden’s best move may have little to do with his fancy tech – it’s the fact that he turns his self-view off. This is probably something we can all learn from since there’s pretty much no way that staring at yourself eight hours a day is good for our mental health.