Useful apps you can’t live without in Hong Kong

Useful apps you can’t live without in Hong Kong
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These days, we generally rely on our phones to do everything for us. Not only are they convenient but they also provide an endless supply of information right in the palm of our hand. However, sifting through the countless apps can be a chore, so we’ve done that for you! Whether for education, entertainment or support, these are useful apps you can’t live without in Hong Kong – trust us, they will make your life easier.


No matter how well you know the city, it’s easy to lose direction walking through the intertwining streets of Hong Kong. Citymapper is a free app that can accurately pinpoint your location and give you the route to your destination. It also offers information on different transportation options, including schedules and fares.

Worried about running late? Citymapper estimates the amount of time to get to your destination and suggests the quickest route. One feature that sets Citymapper apart from similar apps is the direction beam feature. The app determines which way you are facing and ensures that you are heading in the right direction. By saving your home’s location, CItymapper makes finding your way home after a night out much easier and more efficient!


Let’s face it, we’ve all caught ourselves searching for a toilet in an urgent situation. Thanks to Hong Kong’s urban setting, there is no shortage of public toilets scattered around, although it’s not always easy to find them. The Flush Toilet Finder is an app that determines public toilets near your location, including those with disabled access. With precise pinpoints to each one, the app also gives clear directions and addresses to help you get there quickly.


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PayMe is a new financial app that is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. It offers a convenient form of transferring money instantly – so convenient that even some smaller businesses and restaurants accept it as a form of payment. The only thing required to register is a Hong Kong phone number and verification. You can easily top-up your account or transfer money into your own bank by adding your bank details. Although PayMe is managed by HSBC, the app accepts most bank accounts, making it a secure and safe option for everyone. To sweeten the deal, PayMe also offers perks like shopping vouchers and discounts available for users.


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With dine-in restrictions still appointed in Hong Kong, food delivery can solve many of your cravings and dinner dilemmas. Deliveroo is a useful app that shows nearby restaurants offering food delivery. Restaurants with exclusive sales such as free delivery and money off deals are also highlighted so you can take full advantage of the app. Choose from your desired menu and plug in your address, and the food will be prepared and delivered right to your doorstep. It couldn’t be easier!

The Entertainer

Flash deals and the best sales? Yes, please! The Entertainer is just the app for promotional perks. With new deals every day, the app features promotions in your area. Membership also allows you to unlock all deals and can help you save hundreds of dollars a month. From product sales to exclusive reservations and hotels, you can discover all that Hong Kong has to offer.


Who doesn’t love free Wi-FI? Wi-FI.HK directs you to public Wi-FI services nearby with free and easy access. As the app features hot spots that offer at least 30 minutes of free Wi-FI, you’ll never feel pressured by time restraints. Whether you’re doing last-minute work or logging onto your social media accounts, free Wi-FI outlets can help you get online without using up your data or spending money for short-term access.

MTR Mobile

There’s no doubt that the MTR is the most efficient and convenient form of public transportation in Hong Kong. Because of this, every prepared HongKonger should have the MTR app to stay on top of their daily commute. All things MTR – including train delays, fares and schedules – are available with just one click.

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