Your essential moving checklist – making a smooth transition to your new place

Your essential moving checklist – making a smooth transition to your new place
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Moving can be stressful, but it all depends on how you handle it. Moving from one place to another requires a great deal of packing, organization and other arrangements, so the transition won’t be smooth sailing unless you’ve considered all the factors. Your mind is probably running crazy, and you may be overwhelmed by everything you have to do – so we’ve got you covered with some of the most important factors to keep in mind for a smooth transition. We’ve created your essential moving checklist to help you get started.

Before the move

Look for a moving company

Once you’ve got your time frame and move-in date, you should start contacting moving companies. I know it may seem too early, but you can never go wrong with planning ahead. Nothing is worse than being packed and ready to move-in and realizing that you can’t secure a moving company on time.

Start packing

There are two types of people in this world – those who find pure joy from packing and those who despise it with all their being. If you’re one of the latter, we’re sorry! But you’re going to have to do it sooner or later (and we suggest sooner). There’s no avoiding this necessary step on your essential moving checklist. When packing things into boxes, it helps to group things by which room of the house they belong to. Don’t forget to label them clearly, and this will ensure a smooth transition. Unpacking will be much easier and keeping things organized will save you time.

Reduce your clutter

While packing, you’ll begin to realize just how much clutter you’ve accumulated throughout the years. You could probably deal without a bit of it – plus, moving to a new place just begs for a fresh start. Donating unneeded items will save you space while also providing for someone who may need it more. Packing also provides the perfect opportunity to go through your knickknacks and trash or recycle odds and ends that you don’t need. This is the perfect way to add multitasking to your essential moving checklist.

Request time off work

Moving in can be time consuming, so taking some time off work is necessary (or at least, highly recommended). It will take off some stress from the moving process and allow you to smoothly transition into your new place. You’ll need time for packing and moving, of course – but it’s nice to carve out some downtime to relax in your new space and unpack at your own pace.

Change your billing address

Something that might be forgotten during all this chaos is to change your address on your subscriptions, bills and so on. While you’re at it, you should let your friends and family know about your new address so they’ll know where to send Christmas and birthday cards. It’s also helpful to look into a mail forwarding service for the odds and ends you may overlook – you’ll still receive your mail, and this gives you more time to update addresses on other accounts.

Research your new area

If you’re moving to a new country, city or even just a new neighborhood, you’ll still need to familiarize yourself with the area. By already knowing where the closest banks and grocery shops are before you move, you’re less likely to get lost on your first day. Plus, it’s always fun to do some research about your new neighborhood during those exciting planning stages.

Create a floor plan

Measure, measure, measure! Know how large your space is so you can plan what will go where. And if you’re also planning to buy new furniture, you can ensure it will fit in your new place with proper planning. Whether you draw it out on a piece of paper or use a sophisticated stretching software, it will be a huge timesaver to design your layout before moving in.

After The Move

Move boxes into their assigned rooms

So this is where the labels come in handy! Unless the moving company has done it already, start by moving each box into their designated room. This will make unpacking much easier, plus you can find things you need quickly, without having to dig through a pile of mystery boxes.


Packing is of course one of the more stressful tasks on your essential moving checklist, but unpacking tends to be more enjoyable. Where to start? That’s probably what you’re asking yourself as you survey the mountain of boxes stacked at every corner. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out of it – so we suggest picking a room and starting there. Going between rooms will only make things harder and will take up more time.

If you are limited on time and have to spread out your unpacking over more than one day, pick the highest priority rooms first. Usually this will mean starting with the bedroom and kitchen. After all, you’ll likely want to sleep and eat between unpacking shifts. The knickknacks and book collection can wait.

Go grocery shopping

Unpacking is bound to give you an appetite. Your brand-new, empty fridge is just begging to be stocked up. It’s your first dinner (and breakfast and lunch) at your new place – enjoy it! Grocery shopping ahead of time will take the stress out of stocking up your fridge, especially when you’re tired from moving and unpacking. Planning for your first meal is easier if you stash essential cookware pieces into one box that’s easy to unpack. This way, you have everything you need for dinner without having to organize the entire kitchen first.

Set up your TV and internet service

This is also probably one of the first things you’re going to want to do, so it’s handy to get in touch with the internet company before moving in to schedule a time for them to set things up. Times and appointments for setting up services can vary, so planning ahead is advised so you can avoid a blackout period during your transition.

Have a housewarming party

Once you’ve officially moved-in, you can finally relax. And what’s a better way than inviting some close friends to admire your new place? It will help break in your new space and make it feel more like home. It’s always nice to imbue your new digs with positive vibes from the company of your friends and loved ones.

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