The best tea for a cold and cough to get you through the winter

The best tea for a cold and cough to get you through the winter
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Winter has arrived, and the seasonal coughs and sneezes usually follow right behind it. Since getting a cold isn’t fun for anyone, stocking your tea cupboard will help you be ready just in case you do fall ill. But before you go tea shopping, it’s good to know which teas will most effectively prevent you from getting sick – and even help in the healing process. We have compiled a list of the best tea for a cold and cough to help you get through the winter.


Peppermint tea
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Having a cold shouldn’t stop you from being in the Christmas mood, and peppermint tea will still give you that excitement even when you’re under the weather. The menthol in the leaves can help soothe your throat and hopefully contain your coughing. It can dissolve the mucus build up, so with just a cup of water and a peppermint tea bag, you can alleviate that itchy throat and start feeling better sooner.


Ginger tea
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The strong inflammatory properties of ginger tea can help get rid of a sore throat as well as a stuffy chest. Even without a cold, this tea can help prevent you from catching one with its

strong antimicrobial properties of shagelol and gingerol (which are two active ingredients in ginger). Although, the flavor can be quite strong for those new to it, ginger tea will eventually grow on you. Soon, you’ll be craving it!


Another tasty option that will prevent and heal a cold is a hot cup of echinacea tea. This common herb comes from a purple coneflower that, yes, makes your tea purple! High in antioxidants, it stimulates immune activity that can potentially shorten the length of your cold.

Honey and lemon

Best teas for a cough or cold
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Clear your sinuses, soothe your throat, and combat the cough – there is no reason why you shouldn’t be drinking honey and lemon tea for regular relief. Not only is honey a sweet addition to your tea, but it also has properties that will help relieve you of pain and soreness. This is a go-to choice that goes back hundreds of years and across all cultures.


Chamomile is most popularly known for its soothing and calming effect for the mind and body. If your goal is to get a decent night of sleep, chamomile will make that much more achievable. Since resting up is one of the most important steps when trying to heal a cold, making yourself a cup before bed can be beneficial to helping your body fight off the bug sooner.

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