How to create a spa-night at home

How to create a spa-night at home
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Stress and tension can all be relieved simply if you create a spa-night for yourself at home. With many spas currently closed due to COVID-19 regulations, it’s hard to get a session of pampering in to help you relax. Thankfully, replicating the soft and soothing environment of a spa can be easily done in the safety of your own home. So treat yo’ self without even having to put on a pair of pants! We have some tips for you to create a spa-night at home until you can get safely back to a professional spa post-pandemic.

Create a spa-night at home by setting the scene

Background music

Before we get into full relaxation mode, we need to recreate the spa-like environment. First things first – we need some music softly playing in the background. This can be anything that suits your liking, but we do suggest picking a softer playlist rather than hard-core rock (although, we won’t judge if that’s what helps soothe your mind). One of the best parts when you create a spa-night at home is that you are in charge of all the details.

Set the lighting

You’ve likely not been to a brightly-lit spa (with the exception of some dermatology treatments and the like). In most cases, spas have very little overhead light and rely more on candles and low lighting for the best ambience. This is something you can easily do at your own house. Candles not only create a relaxing, low light, but scented candles can also add an aromatic experience. Creating a relaxing ambience with soft light and pleasant aromas will get you in the mood for pampering.

Pamper yourself and relax

Run a bath

If you have a bathtub, you can take advantage in a way that even a professional spa can’t provide. Fill it up with warm water and even bath salts, lay back and relax. It couldn’t be easier. Soaking in the water will help relax your muscles, and the warm water soak can also get you prepped for some skin treatments. You can bring a book, or you can just close your eyes and listen to the faint music in the background.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating is an effective way to remove dead skin cells and have your skin feeling smooth and soft. You can easily create your own body scrub for exfoliation at home with coarse brown sugar, coconut oil and essential oils (optional). Exfoliating your skin two to three times a week can help your skin look radiant and stay firm.

Treat your face

Skin-care is a crucial part of self-care, so you want to take your time with this when you create a spa-night. Cleansing your face and applying a face mask is a great place to start. Face masks rejuvenate your skin and help with blemishes and discoloration. After you pamper your face, apply some moisturizer to ensure that your face is hydrated.

Don’t forget the after care

Get cozy

Just because you are done with your bath and your skin care, doesn’t necessarily mean that your spa-night is over. Get into a soft robe and sip a cup of hot tea to keep the relaxation going. With all that bathing and exfoliating, don’t forget to moisturize your body.

Show your nails some love

If you want to go above and beyond when you create a spa-night at home, giving yourself a manicure should be on your list of self-services. Having freshly groomed and painted nails will make you feel much more put-together. Not to mention, painting your nails can be relaxing on its own.

Unwind your mind

Although you’re probably feeling pretty mellow by now, keep the effects going by taking it easy and letting yourself (especially your mind) unwind. A bit of meditation or quiet reflection is essential to keep your mind off daily stresses and savor the moment before getting back to reality.

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