4 of the best fitness apps to try

4 of the best fitness apps to try
Source: Pexels, Ketut Subiyanto

We have rounded up 4 of the best fitness apps to try – for people who don’t like fitness classes or just simply don’t know where to start when committing to a workout routine. The number of fitness apps out there make it hard to find one worth your time – and sometimes, money. The beauty of these 4 best fitness apps to try is their customizability. It’s almost like having a personal trainer without having to pay big bucks. Whether you prefer home workouts, cardio work or going to the gym, there are fitness apps tailored for everyone’s preferences.

Nike Training Club

Now more than ever (with winter and the pandemic), working out from home is more and more appealing. Nike Training Club comes complete with workout videos for all fitness levels. If you’re not feeling like a heavy workout, you can choose a video with shorter length or lower intensity. It’s perfect for any mood you might be having, especially when it comes to their diverse selection of yoga videos.

Nike Run Club

For all runners, including beginner runners, this app is a must! Nike Run Club tracks your locations and speed to determine your overall performance during your run. After your run, you will be able to see your exact route and intensity level throughout your run. You are presented with your average pace and calories burned, which will allow you to see any changes from previous runs and track your progress. If you need a little motivation during your runs, you can view their guided runs that help you track intervals or if you need to increase your speed.


Similar to Nike Training Club, FitOn has a variety of videos and workouts to choose from. When creating an account, you are able to set your measurements and demographic information so they can accurately personalize your workout plan. Unlike many other apps, the selection of sports types is extensive from kickboxing or HIIT, to dance or Pilates. FitOn also has an option to opt for a meal plan that is customized for your goal, whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.


For those of you who lift weights or want to try it out, FitBod is a great starting point. Fit for all levels, FitBod is your personal trainer that helps you use weights properly and safely. This app differs from the other training apps, as you can customize the equipment lists with only the equipment you have access to. You can also set the muscle groups you want to focus on as well as the days of the week when you want to train so you can be reminded every time.

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