Digital motherhood: technology and apps for new moms

Digital motherhood: technology and apps for new moms
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It’s a new digital age, and technology and apps for new moms can make all the difference these days. The precious moments of motherhood are many, but with this lifelong role comes a slew of questions and concerns perfectly natural for every new parent. In the midst of all the sleepless nights, learning the pace of feeding for your bundle of joy and figuring out the ins and outs of momhood, it can be overwhelming to navigate these new and exciting waters.

Knowing that, modern-day moms, already familiar with technology and its many perks, can leverage digital tools, apps and all kinds of tech-based solutions in the pursuit of smart, simplified motherhood.

Whether you’re looking for the latest research on baby health, you need help and support from other new moms or you’d like to keep track of your well-being, tech is a simple way to achieve it all. Here, we’ll cover a few of the most tried and loved tools and apps for new moms you can use to your advantage to enjoy your new role as much as you can.

Creating a baby routine

Getting started on a new routine, or the lack thereof, can be quite intimidating for any new parent. You’ll find yourself constantly tired, emotional and not to mention confused while you’re still figuring out all your baby’s cues. In all of that chaos, it can be hard to discern patterns, let alone remember them.

This is where useful apps for tracking your baby’s health and habits can be of great help. That way, you can take note of all the stages in your baby’s development, recognize patterns and not stress about remembering every single detail when it’s time for a checkup with the doctor.

Connect with other moms

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Even during those nine bliss-filled months, you’ve known that motherhood is a learning process and you go about it one day at a time. However, there’s so much knowledge at our fingertips already, so apps for new moms like Mumli serve both as a database of informative articles and a network for moms to connect.

You can use the app to set aside articles and posts that are of interest to you, create a collection of your own, ask relevant questions and join existing discussions. New moms can exchange tips and ideas daily, and you get ongoing emotional support from your momma circle.

Ordering food and essentials

Healthy eating is one of those essential healthy habits every mom needs in her life, all the more so in the first weeks of adapting to her new role. Good food helps you protect your immune system, improves your mental health and allows you to stay energized.

However, moms often don’t have the time or the zeal to prep healthy meals every day. So, there are healthy meal delivery services and grocery shopping websites that will get everything ready for you in a matter of a few clicks – just find something locally available and with the right options for your lifestyle and dietary needs.

Creating a snooze-perfect mood

More often than not, babies have their own timetable. Getting them to fall asleep isn’t always as simple and cute as it seems in all the movies, so here’s another way tech can leap to your assistance. You can use a white noise app to set the stage for perfect snoozing. There are playlists on YouTube, as well, so there are tried and tested options you can rely on to get your little rascal to sleep.

Stay tuned while you’re away

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One of the most important things all first-time moms need is peace of mind, to know that your baby is safe and sound when you’re not there. When you need to visit a doctor for a checkup, or need an emergency trip to the dentist, or simply go to the office to get something to work more easily from home, you need someone to take over.

In those instances, there are apps for new moms like Baby Connect for your chosen caregiver to take note of every feeding, nap, changing and to send notifications directly to your phone.

Focusing on your health and fitness

As a mom, you are a caregiver for your little munchkin, but you’re also a role model in the making. That said, giving birth is a tremendous endeavor for your mind and your body, and taking care of yourself can be a challenge when you have a baby to look after, too.

This is where fitness apps can be extremely helpful, since you can find prebuilt routines, quick workouts that won’t interfere with your daily schedule and professional advice from fitness experts. It’s not just about losing weight, but rather about strengthening your body, feeling more energized and improving your quality of life.

Video calls for staying in touch

With so much to do and the pandemic still impacting our lives, it’s understandable that you most likely don’t get to visit your family and relatives as frequently as you’d like. Maybe there are support groups, too, that can help you share some of your worries and feel better learning from others in the process.

In both situations, video conferencing is the single most effective way to stay connected with your family, friends and your entire support system. You can attend meetings virtually, practice self-care and keep building these valuable bonds without necessarily leaving the house, especially in those first weeks after giving birth.

Modern moms often keep pursuing their careers even with a new baby in the family, and it’s only natural to feel the need to stay on top of all your goals while taking care of your little one. These, and many other tools are making all the difference in the lives of moms today. Use them and you’ll be able to enjoy momhood in all of its glory, learn so much along the way and simplify your routine with the help of tech.

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