Download these must-have apps during quarantine in Hong Kong

Download these must-have apps during quarantine in Hong Kong
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Quarantine has become an inevitable part of traveling throughout the pandemic  – if travel is even an option to begin with. There are strict guidelines regarding quarantine procedures for people traveling to Hong Kong, and often you will have to endure time secluded in a Hong Kong quarantine hotel.

Before flying into Hong Kong, you should do some research in advance, including booking from the list of government-designated hotels (the current list is valid until November 30, 2021). Although this list offers details regarding price, make sure to check each hotel’s website for the most accurate information. Furthermore, make sure to check out the current quarantine guidelines and necessary travel documents needed here for arriving in Hong Kong that can vary depending on where you are coming from.

We know how strenuous time in quarantine can get, so we’ve compiled a list of some must-have apps for quarantine (available on both Apple and Android devices) to help you get through the process.

Getting fit in your quarantine room

Being stuck in one room for two to three weeks can have a toll on your body. Of course, it’s easy to blame the limited space, and there are no obligations to work out. However, if you want to employ the restricted space for exercise, there are apps available to help you do just that.

Nike Training Club can give you customized workouts catered to your fitness level and match your preferences. The app “simplifies your wellness journey by putting the best workouts and advice at your fingertips.” From intense HIIT workouts to yoga, this app can help you stay active.

Another app for working out is 7 Minute Workout, which provides short but sweet workouts you can do anywhere. With various circuits available targeting different muscles and areas of the body, this program is perfect for both beginners and avid sports enthusiasts. With voice prompts and videos explaining the exercises, you can easily stay on top of your workouts during quarantine.

Food delivery to satisfy your cravings

Many hotels do provide a catering option for meals, with some providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you may want to eat something different during your time in quarantine. So, we have some suggestions for the best food delivery apps you can use to order takeout right to your room.

Do make sure to check that your hotel allows food deliveries during quarantine before ordering. The most popular apps for food delivery in Hong Kong include FoodPanda, Deliveroo and UberEats. Keep a lookout for various coupons and deals offered on all these platforms to pair with the diverse spectrum of restaurants available for delivery in Hong Kong.

Stay entertained during quarantine

Although you may already have some games and videos downloaded on your phone, why not try to learn something new during quarantine? Perhaps you’d like to learn a new language or take up a course to learn a skill you haven’t had the chance to pursue before. Plus, it’s an excellent time to stave off boredom constructively.

Duolingo is a free app providing quick and fun lessons for learning 35+ languages. Duolingo prepares you for practical conversations, reading, writing and understanding. The app is designed to motivate you with fun elements like personal characters and games, as well as give you a “personalized learning” experience through “combining the best of AI and language science.”

Already a popular site for learning, Khan Academy also has an app for you to take all their available courses. It is driven by its firm belief that “education is a human right,” thus being “nonprofit because [Khan Academy] believes in a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” This is the chance for you to catch up on some math, science, life skills, computing, economics and more. As Hong Kongers say, “add oil!”

Meditate for peace of mind

Last but definitely not least, being isolated can impact your mental health negatively. You are given the time and space to think (or overthink) inevitably, leading to some added stress.

Whether you want to use this opportunity to space out or organize your thoughts, meditation can give you some peace and tranquillity during quarantine. Simple breathing exercises and guidance in meditating can also improve sleep quality and enhance focus and clarity. So, you can consult apps like Headspace, Calm and Medito for some much-needed enlightenment.

In case of urgent situations in quarantine, you can reach a medical hotline by calling 999 or the Social Welfare Department (for mental healthcare) hotline at 2343-2255.