The best restaurants in Hollywood for celebrity-spotting

The best restaurants in Hollywood for celebrity-spotting
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If you’re looking to run into a famous face, some of the best restaurants in Hollywood are where the stars are more commonly spotted out and about. Have you ever encountered one of your favorite celebrities? If so, you probably recount the tale at parties, much to the chagrin of those who have heard it before. If not, you would do well to stop by California’s den of stars.

Los Angeles has many epithets like City of Angels, La-La Land and Lotusland. All suggest a dream-like quality or a state of mind detached from reality, often referring to the entertainment industry and the aspiring artists who flock to these star-studded streets. Head to Hollywood to find famed names strolling around town, perhaps even treading over their own name embedded in a pink star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Giants of the entertainment industry don’t often make obvious appearances on the street – but everyone needs to eat, and no one loves to dine out more than the famous and the wealthy.

Some of the best restaurants in Hollywood are hands-down the easiest place to spot celebrities. Many tend to frequent specific spots, as well. As long as you remain respectful, you’re allowed to continue reading. Don’t chase Phoebe Bridgers down the street for an autograph, especially if it’s dark and you’re a man (yes, this happened). Not cool. Not appropriate. Even if you do end up approaching them in a friendly and respectful manner, there’s no guarantee they’ll welcome the attention.

Stare from afar, but keep the level of creepiness to a minimum. Walk up to them when they’re in a period of transition so as not to interrupt them stuffing a mouthful of beer-battered shrimp in their mouths. Politely ask for an autograph, but whatever you do don’t snap a picture without permission. If you desperately need a picture and you haven’t asked for permission (tsk tsk), do not post on social media for the celebrity’s safety. Emma Watson stopped taking pictures with fans because it allowed people to track her location if the fan posted on the picture on Instagram. Remember, celebrities are people too.

So, where exactly in Hollywood are you likely to find your favorite movie star? These restaurants have a reputation not only for catering to famous customers but also for their delectable dishes. If you aren’t seeking a star sighting, you should still reserve a table at one of these top restaurants in Hollywood for the high-quality food.

Chateau Marmont

The chic European name might clue you in to Chateau Marmont’s exclusivity and its history of drawing A-listers. Celebrities love this luxury hideaway for its beautiful suites and bungalows as well as its two amazing restaurants. The chateau’s halls have certainly seen some drama from Lindsey Lohan’s exorbitant bill to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s medical emergency. Don’t dine here for the service or the atmosphere. Reserve a table for the celebrities and the food. Be aware that Chateau Marmont enforces a strict no-photography policy.


Vegans may want to steer clear of this one. The asador-style meat and art-deco space has attracted many big names such as Ross Matthews. Curtis Stone and his wife Lindsay Price are guaranteed to be frequently present at his Sunset Boulevard eatery. Stone and his brother opened Gwen as a joint-venture, deriving the menu from their experience working in an Australian butcher shop.

Gracias Madre

Where the paparazzi go, a celebrity is already there. These camera-happy pseudo journalists permanently station themselves outside of Gracias Madre’s doors. Sit yourself down for a vibrant vegan meal. This LA Mexican food spot even has Taylor Swift’s stamp of approval.


While the name might be underwhelming, its interiors and customers are not. The glamour of this Melrose Avenue dining area stands in stark contrast to the name outside. You’ll forget all about good ol’ Craig once you sink your teeth into the Buffalo Wing Pizza. Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigan are among its famous patrons.

Catch LA

Stars belong in the night sky, and while LA more often sees stars in the streets due to the smoggy atmosphere, you can “catch” a glimpse of them a little higher up in this rooftop restaurant. A West Coast outpost of a NYC seafood spot, Catch LA’s customers include the likes of Cindy Crawford and Drake.


Take a sneak peak at celebrities in their natural element at Delilah. Bar owners and business partners John Terzian, Brian Toll, Markus Molinari and Adam Koral have opened various venues that strive to create a safe environment for the rich and famous. Stars like Shay Mitchell have enjoyed the elegant food here. Your mouth will fall for the spaghetti squash primavera. Like many other celebrity hotspots, Delilah enforces a strict no-photography policy.

Fig & Olive

Olive oil perfects the blend of Europe’s finest Mediterranean cuisines at Fig & Olive. The best non-food related part? It includes a private entrance for celebrities to avoid unwanted attention. Anywhere that necessitates such an addition is obviously ripe with fame.

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